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Galen Treadnight

Galen Treadnight

Galen Treadnight faces death every day. Willing to betray his own father for the cause of justice, Galen commits high treason on a daily basis to aid the Rebels, heedless of the consequences he may face if caught.   "I'll come back when it's safe. If it's ever safe." -Galen Treadnight

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Delicate, slender, walks with a limp, crippled right leg, sometimes uses a cane or crutch

Body Features

Pale skin, softer-lined face than his father

Facial Features

Soft-lined face, "Treadnight eyes"

Identifying Characteristics

Crippled right leg, "Treadnight eyes"

Physical quirks

Right-handed, walks with a limp, sometimes uses a cane or crutch

Apparel & Accessories

Wears muted colors, steers clear of the Protectorate pale green

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Galen was born to nobleman Alton Treadnight and peasant Talla Gale, for whom he was named and who died giving birth to him. Often regarded as the family weakling and abused by his older half-brother Dalivan, Galen led a troubled early life. When Galen turned seven, his father Alton took a seat on the Council of Warriors. While Alton often spoke against his fellow councillor, the common-born Kyren Anzora, Galen found himself drawn to Anzora's kind, impartial personality. After Anzora was crowned King of Malcera, Galen's half-brother was killed in a riot against the monarchy. While his heartbroken father immersed himself in suspicion and mistrust, Galen refused to believe that the king had orchestrated Dalivan's death. A few weeks later, Galen dared to voice this opinion to Alton, who attacked him in rage. During the struggle, Galen lost his balance and fell from the castle walltop, suffering a spinal injury that left his right leg permanently crippled. For a while after the incident, Galen both feared and hated his father. Eventually, however, he came to terms with himself and realized that hatred would only turn him into the same kind of man Alton was. Galen chose instead to forgive his father and turned his pursuits to preventing anyone else from being hurt by Alton. After Anzora was overthrown and imprisoned, Galen went after this goal by spying on his father and reporting back to Adina Thycaris and her Rebels on Mount Dakan. On the mountain he first met the secret princess, Kyren's cousin Kalia Anzora. While he offered a polite greeting to her, Kalia responded in anger, informing Galen of her dream to wipe his family from history- him as well. Recognizing how dangerous Kalia was, Galen left the mountain. Six months later, when a servant he had befriended told him that Princess Kalia was being held in Faron Alamar's Castle Centarel, Galen sent her a hidden message that he would come to help her escape at midnight. Kalia seemed to go along with the plan, but later held a dagger to Galen's throat and threatened to take her vengeance. Galen calmly dissuaded her by telling her of the Anzora Promise and her part in it. As she realized what her hatred had led her to, Kalia began weeping and Galen put his arms around her. The next morning they went their seperate ways, Kalia to Talamor to rescue Lady Thycaris and Galen to his family home to continue his spy work.


Galen is literate with a formal education.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Galen is remarkably perceptive and looks at the big picture. His strict moral compass will not let him ally himself to his father's cause, though outwardly he pretends to be loyal.

Personality Characteristics


Galen is motivated to prevent anyone else from getting hurt by his father.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Going unnoticed, stealth

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, gentle, kind

Vices & Personality flaws

Self-deprecating, overcautious

Personality Quirks

Speaks in a formal manner when nervous or agitated.


Contacts & Relations

Adina Thycaris, Corby Estonor, Adamon Blackhold, Kalia Anzora

Family Ties

Father: Alton Treadnight   Mother: Talla Gale   Siblings: Dalivan Treadnight (half-brother, deceased)

Social Aptitude

Quiet and almost invisible in a public setting


Speaks in a formal manner when nervous or agitated

Wealth & Financial state

While Galen was born into the wealthy Treadnight family, he himself does not care about wealth.
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Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Galen was born to his father's second wife, peasant Talla Gale, for whom he was named. Talla died soon after her son's birth.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Green-grey, "Treadnight eyes"
Dark brown, wavy, shoulder-length
Five feet five inches
One hundred forty pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
"That's loss. That's longing. That's love."   "I'll return when it's safe. If it's ever safe."   "It's an honor to meet Your Royal Highness at long last."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Appears in...
Character Theme Songs:    

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