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Malceran Culture

Malceran culture, like everything else in the country, is divided. Nobles experience a far different Malcera than peasants do, and the Rebel view is different than the Rogue.   "There's no justice in this country anymore." - Kalia Anzora

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Hard sounds are common in female names, particularly c, k, r, and d sounds. Female names typically end in an "ah" sound. Three-syllable names are most common.

Masculine names

As with female names, hard sounds are more common, though soft sounds are sometimes used. Names are typically two-syllable, ending in an "on" or "en" sound.

Family names

Family names are passed down through generations. At marriage a bride takes her husband's name. Surnames are either formed by blending two existing words (i.e. Treadnight or Blackhold) or phonetic (i.e. Thycaris or Alamar).

Other names

Monarchies are also named. During the life of the ruler, the monarchy is typically known as "the Ruling," though since the rise of the Protectorate, the use of this term has been discouraged. After the ruler's death, his reign takes his surname (i.e. The Anzora Monarchy).


Average technological level


Common Dress code

Women primarily wear skirts or dresses, though female warriors are permitted to do otherwise. Men dress in a tunic and breeches, armor if going into battle. Noblemen's clothing is extravagant compared to peasants' clothing.

Funerary and Memorial customs


Common Myths and Legends

Legends of dragons and monsters are common, especially concerning the area of Mount Dakan.

Historical figures

The members of the Council of Warriors through the ages are well-respected.


Beauty Ideals

A tall, slim but not dangerously thin figure is the ideal of feminine beauty. A heart-shaped face with a delicate jaw and pointed chin is preferred, along with a rich, glowing complexion. Clear skin is desired, but extreme paleness is frowned upon as appearing sickly. The ideal nose is small and upturned; also preferred are thick, groomed, level eyebrows and full, light lips. Dark eyes and hair are considered most beautiful, though red hair is lauded as unique and exotic. Green eyes are also prized, but very rare.   For men, a small beard is considered dashing, combined with a warrior-like physique and a hard-angled, statuesque face. The same hair and eye color preferences apply.

Courtship Ideals

The ideal romance is that of the lord and his lady. Romances are very pure, with the most physical contact being a light kiss on the lips, hand or forehead. The courtship takes place in a very chivalrous fashion, with the male taking the lead, and both male and female attempting to learn the other's character. Arranged or irregular marriages are not permissible, and in all cases the male must seek permission from the woman's guardian before a couple is allowed to marry, though if he is refused for no good reason he may take his case before the village magistrate. The woman's consent must also be given. Marrying age for both men and women is twenty.

Relationship Ideals

The family is the center of Malceran life. The father takes the lead in the home, though in an abuse situation a woman is protected and cared for by law if she leaves the home. Relatives are expected to care for orphaned or widowed relations, though some may refuse to do this. There is no legal punishment for this, though it is heavily frowned upon in most villages.
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