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Adina Thycaris

Lady Adina Thycaris

Adina Thycaris knows no fear. Choosing for her headquarters a mountain rumored to be haunted, willing to attack an entire squadron with only her two comrades and her well-used sword, it's no shock that Adina is the most successful rebel ever to wave King Anzora's banner over her enemy's heads.   "Adina is like the flames she wears. She burns inside for the justice no one gets in this country. Small wonder that with all that fire on the inside, on the outside she's a little cold." -Corby Estonor about Adina Thycaris

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, tall, stately

Body Features

White, alabaster skin, statue-like face, extraordinarily beautiful

Facial Features

Black eyes, full dark red lips, black eyelashes, white skin

Identifying Characteristics

Wears a red ruby at her throat

Physical quirks

Right-handed, regal movements

Apparel & Accessories

Wears functional clothing, typically a scabbard, pants, tunic, and vest. Often favors gold, blue, black and red, with flamelike patterns.

Specialized Equipment

Sword, shield

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adina was raised as a wealthy noblewoman. Skilled with the sword and shield, the young Lady Thycaris won her place on the Council at the age of twenty-three, two years before Kyren Anzora took a council seat. Attracted to the commoner's fearless rule-breaking, Adina sided with Anzora in favor of a new government to replace the council. After the monarchy's establishment, Adina, along with another like-minded councillor, Lord Faron Alamar, was invited to join Anzora's court. The pair's political relationship soon blossomed into love in what would be one of the most influential romances of Malceran history. Adina soon took over as one of Anzora's best generals. One of her most important assignments was to liberate a small village from members of the Rogue Band who had been terrorizing it. Adina's attack failed, and she was taken back to the Band's hiding place. While most of the Band argued for her to be put to death, one Rogue Commander, Adamon Blackhold, vetoed the action and assisted Adina in escape. Knowing he could never go back to the Rogues, Adina offered him residence in one of her eastern manors, which he accepted. Adina then returned to the capital. During the Malcera War, Adina proved an invaluable asset to the royal forces and was responsible for winning several key battles. Disaster, however, struck Adina shortly before the war's end in the form of her love, Faron Alamar. The enemy leader, Alton Treadnight, offered Alamar authority and wealth if he was willing to betray the king. Alamar agreed. Two days before the Battle of Talamor, he met Adina after midnight and told her his plans, confessing his love for her and begging her to marry him, joining him in treason against the king. Heartbroken, Adina refused him. Alamar then callously abandoned her. Adina was unable to warn the king of her lover's plans, fearing that he would face execution for his actions. This failure in duty, however, was what Alamar had counted on if Adina refused his proposal. A day later, without knowledge of what had happened, but sensing danger, King Anzora took Adina aside privately and told her of the Ruling and its bringer (though he omitted the fact that the bringer was related to him by blood). He then asked her to sneak out of the city and raise a rebellion in a place where she felt safe, so that the bringer would have somewhere safe to go. Crushed by guilt over her failure to warn the king of her lover's treachery, Adina readily agreed. She left the capital the night before the Battle of Talamor began, taking with her another nobleman, Corby Estonor, and Adamon Blackhold, the Rogue who had saved her. The trio made their way to the legendary Mount Dakan, where they restored the old Mount Dakan Invasion Tunnels as a base of operations. The use of these tunnels led the people of Malcera to believe that Adina was able to "disappear" when on the mountain. The Protectorate enhanced and spread these rumors to discourage people from making the climb to join Adina and her comrades. In the year on Dakan before Kalia Anzora's arrival, Adina worked to build an incredible and frightening reputation. She also developed a network of spies to assist her in her rebel work. One of these spies was Galen Treadnight.


Adina is literate, with a formal education both academically and in combat.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Won a Council seat, began the most successful rebel cell in Malceran history

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to warn the king of her lover Faron Alamar's treachery out of fear that he would be executed

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, spatial

Morality & Philosophy

Adina has strict definitions of right and wrong. Struggling with the guilt of her secret and traitorous love for Faron Alamar, Adina holds herself to an extraordinary standard.

Personality Characteristics


Motivated to erase her guilt over her love for Faron Alamar. Also motivated to free the king and Malcera from Alton Treadnight's grasp.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent fighter and commander

Virtues & Personality perks

Strong, visionary, moral

Vices & Personality flaws

Withdrawn, cold

Personality Quirks

Rubs the ruby at her throat when agitated


Contacts & Relations

Corby Estonor, Adamon Blackhold, Kalia Anzora, Faron Alamar (formerly), Kyren Anzora, Galen Treadnight

Social Aptitude

Can come across either as elegant and refined or cool and distant.

Hobbies & Pets

Fighting, battle planning


Soft, authorative voice, semi-formal way of talking

Wealth & Financial state

Adina is very wealthy. She uses part of her wealth to continue the Rebel movement on Dakan.
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady, Commander
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Long, wavy, raven black
Five feet six inches
One hundred thirty pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'm the figurehead, the one you hear about, but I could never do what must be done alone."   "I think you'll find that in this war, there are some things far more important than vengeance."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Malceran, some Lannitan
Character Theme Songs:    

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