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Alton Treadnight

Lord Protector Sir Alton Treadnight

Alton Treadnight is far less than the noble soul he pretends to be. Twisted and bitter over the loss of his favorite son, Alton will do anything to keep his secrets his.   "He didn't even try to keep the mask on with my family. He ripped it off and showed me all that lay beneath. I hated what I saw then. I hate it more now." -Kalia Anzora about Alton Treadnight

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, warrior build, well-muscled

Body Features

Pale skin, chiseled, statue-like, hard-angled features

Facial Features

Chiseled, statue-like face

Identifying Characteristics

"Treadnight eyes"

Physical quirks


Apparel & Accessories

Often dresses in black or the Protectorate pale green, sometimes a mix of the two.

Specialized Equipment


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alton grew up in a noble family. At the age of twenty he married a noblewoman named Salena Kalderon. The pair had one child, Dalivan, before Salena died of a fever. Alton married again five years later, after falling in love with Talla Gale, a peasant woman. The marriage was short and unhappy, for Alton regretted lowering himself to Talla's level and regarded her as a blemish on his name. Distressed and frightened, Talla died giving birth to Alton's second son, who was named Galen Treadnight after his mother's surname. Alton doted upon his eldest son Dalivan while often ignoring Galen completely. Soon after Galen's seventh birthday Alton won his place on the Council of Warriors and held the position for another five years. In his third year as a councillor, Kyren Anzora broke centuries of tradition to enter the council. Disturbed by Anzora's legendary skill and strength, and worried that he would attempt a takeover, Alton saw his motion for a new governing system as a direct power play and heavily opposed it. Alton's side lost, and the council disbanded, leaving Anzora as king. Ill at ease, Alton nevertheless bid his time, taking no action until his son Dalivan, then twenty years old, joined six other hotheaded young noblemen in an attack on the royal treasury. The young men murdered several of the king's guards and endangered several more, until King Anzora, who had no knowledge of Dalivan's presence among the rioters, dispatched additional men to help. Though six of the rioters were captured and imprisoned, Dalivan Treadnight was killed. When he received the news of his favorite son's death, Alton became convinced that Anzora had orchestrated it as a warning to his old foe. Some weeks after Dalivan's death, Alton attacked his younger son Galen in a rage. The attack ended with Galen's fall from the Treadnight family castle's battlements, which permanently crippled him. Remorseless, Alton paid the Rogue Band off as mercenaries, fortified his manors, and began a war that would last two years. Anzora finally surrendered at the Battle of Talamor, and Alton imprisoned him in a secret location. Alton then created the Protectorate system of government with himself as Lord Protector. While the system seemed benevolent, its ultimate goal was to divide Malcera against itself so that Alton could "reunite" the country under his own supreme authority. Alton later learned of Kalia Anzora's surface and dispatched Faron Alamar to find out her identity.


Alton is literate, with an expensive formal education, especially in weaponry.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Overthrew the Anzora monarchy, set up the Protectorate

Mental Trauma

Alton was broken by the death of his favorite son, Dalivan.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Alton has no scruples. Anything that keeps his mind off his pain is fine with him- so long as he is able to keep up his benevolent facade.

Personality Characteristics


Alton is motivated to mend his broken heart by taking absolute control of Malcera. He is also motivated to wipe out the Anzora family in vengeance for his son's death.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent fighter, planner and tactician

Virtues & Personality perks

Loving on condition, strong, clever

Vices & Personality flaws

Evil, bitter, angry, vengeful, cruel


Contacts & Relations

Faron Alamar

Family Ties

Children: Dalivan Treadnight (deceased)   Galen Treadnight   Spouses: Salena Kalderon (deceased)   Talla Gale (deceased)

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Can present a falsely charming, upright demeanor in public.


Deep, gravelly voice, can speak eloquently when the situation calls for it

Wealth & Financial state

Alton is extraordinarily affluent. The holder of several large castles and manor houses, Alton also holds sole control over the Protectorate treasury.

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Malceran Culture
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Protector, Sir
Current Residence
Castle Armath
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Grey-green, "Treadnight eyes"
Dark brown, wavy
Six feet
One hundred sixty pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
"That was the beginning of the end. The man I knew was gone in an instant." -Adina Thycaris about Alton Treadnight
Aligned Organization
Protectorate of Malcera
Known Languages
Appears in...
Character Theme Songs:    

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