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Mount Dakan Invasion Tunnels

Built to shelter wealthy noblemen and their riches from Lannitan raiders, the invasion tunnels of Mount Dakan gained a ghostly reputation before being used as the Rebel headquarters.   "Welcome home." - Adina Thycaris


Consists of wooden beams holding up the stone walls. Partly a ruin.


The invasion tunnels were dug into the side of Mount Dakan by wealthy noblemen to use as a hiding place from raiding Lannitans. After a group of men disappeared within the tunnels, the ancient Malcerans attributed the vanishings to spirits or ghosts and quickly abandoned the structure, which fell to ruins. After Adina Thycaris arrived on Dakan, she and her comrades repaired parts of the structure and created numerous entrances into it, making the tunnels their headquarters. The many entrances, combined with Dakan's ghostly reputation, help Adina's image as a superhuman warrior.

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Adina Thycaris
Owning Organization
Rebels of Dakan

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