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Faron Alamar

Lord Commander Faron Alamar

Faron Alamar has everything anyone could want. Power and wealth and glory beyond his wildest dreams, the chance to hunt down Malcera's rebels, and the opportunity to win back the heart of his true love- all in exchange for the blood of his king.   "I believe this is proof of a great many things, my dear." -Faron Alamar

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slender, handsome and strong

Body Features

Pale skin

Facial Features

Side-parted hair, care lines on forehead, stone-like, inhuman eyes

Identifying Characteristics

Crystalline turquoise eyes, almost jewellike

Physical quirks

Holds a stare when something interests him

Special abilities

Can tell a liar or someone with something to hide easily, always knows the right thing to say

Apparel & Accessories

As a noble, Faron favors rusty red tunics and a golden cape in muted shades. As a commander he wears bright metallic silver set with blue gemstones.

Specialized Equipment

Sword, Long Dagger

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Faron Alamar won a position on the Council of Warriors easily. Continuing as a councillor until the foundation of Kyren Anzora's monarchy, Faron sided with the king and was invited to join Anzora's court alongside his fellow councillor Adina Thycaris. Faron soon found his friendship with Thycaris was more than that. Within six months the young lord and lady were head over heels in love. Faron, dizzy and foolish in the passion of his first love, threw discretion to the four winds and became wildly spendthrift, hoping to impress the court and Thycaris. This, however, led to Faron's inherited fortune running out. The Malcera War came in good time for Faron, enabling him to attribute his sudden frugality to the war. However, this could only last so long, and as the Battle of Talamor approached, Faron found himself in desperate straits. The opposing leader, Alton Treadnight, sensed his oppurtunity. He offered to pay Faron's debts and double his wealth, power and authority- so long as Faron betrayed Kyren Anzora into his hands. Faron agreed to do so, and spent the month before the Battle of Talamor subtly weakening the city's holdout. Two days before the battle, Faron approached his beloved Adina, revealed what he had been doing, and proposed marriage to her, begging her to come with him before it was too late. Horrified, Lady Thycaris refused, and Faron abandoned her, riding to meet his new master's troops that very night. Adina could not bring herself to tell the king what her love had done, and so the Battle of Talamor ended in the royal defeat. Adina, guilt-ridden, escaped to Mount Dakan with Corby Estonor and Adamon Blackhold, where she put together a rebellion to ease her tortured conscience. The two lovers eventually became animostic toward each other, and Faron set his sights on capturing Adina. Disgusted with his relentless love for her, Faron retreated to his home, Castle Centarel, where, surrounded by his riches, he tried to forget his misery. Eventually Faron, thinking his "weakness" would only disappear with the destruction of Adina's forces, bought the young princess Kalia Anzora from the Rogues who had captured her and held her within Centarel, hoping to learn her identity and Adina's location from her. As Kalia's stubborness continued, Faron took desperate measures to break her, making the journey to Alton Treadnight's capital and torturing Kalia's cousin, the king he had betrayed, to learn her identity. Neither Kyren nor Kalia divulged anything, and after an eleven-day ordeal in Faron's castle, Kalia escaped, with the help of the traitor Galen Treadnight. Faron resumed his quest to crush the rebels with a new and chilling intensity.


Faron is literate, with a formal education and one of the most brilliant minds in Malcera.


Formerly an ally of the king, defected to the Protectorate.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Won a seat on the Council of Warriors, helped win the Battle of Tormelis for Alton Treadnight's forces

Failures & Embarrassments

Wasted his fortune, lost his love Adina Thycaris to his own treachery

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Faron is ruthless, without scruples. He will do anything to get what he wants and hide the pain deep within himself.

Personality Characteristics


Motivated to destroy what he sees as weakness by killing Adina Thycaris and ridding Malcera of the Rebels.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Remarkably intelligent and perceptive

Virtues & Personality perks

Loving, devoted, loyal

Vices & Personality flaws

Angry, bitter, vengeful, cruel, spendthrift, heartless


Contacts & Relations

Adina Thycaris (formerly), Kyren Anzora (formerly), Kalia Anzora (formerly), Alton Treadnight

Social Aptitude

Keeps to himself in a crowd. Is extremely observant and refined.


Speaks in a somewhat formal manner, can be acidic and insulting when he chooses

Wealth & Financial state

Faron squandered the fortune he inherited from his parents' deaths, but regained a far more vast one in return for his act of high treason.

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Malceran Culture
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord, Commander
Castle Centarel
Current Residence
Castle Centarel
Biological Sex
Crystalline, hard, cold, turquoise
Brown, straight
Five feet nine inches
One hundred fifty pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Good word, that snake's back again?" -Adina Thycaris about Faron Alamar   "If there were any justice left in Malcera, Faron Alamar would be dead." -Corby Estonor about Faron Alamar
Aligned Organization
Protectorate of Malcera
Known Languages
Character Theme Songs:  

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