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Malcera, like its people, is divided. The country's northern side is heavily wooded, spotted with beautiful country castles and manors. The southern side is more coastal, bordered by a sea on one side and home to rich trading ports. In the center of the country rests the ghostly cloud-topped Mount Dakan.   "This country has no need of another blood-crazed warrior, Kalia. She needs a princess to heal the wounds such warriors have inflicted upon her already." - Corby Estonor

Fauna & Flora

The everblooming scarlet Bleeding Sun flowers are used as a secret Rebel symbol, growing from the northern side to the southern and especially on Mount Dakan. Other flora includes Skywatch flowers and the Tridentspoint bush.

Natural Resources

Wood from the forests, exotic trade items from the southern coast, wool, beef, game, and milk from the northern.

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Included Organizations
Alton Treadnight
Owning Organization
Protectorate of Malcera

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