New Year's Resolution 2023

Inspirational Articles

There is a lot of great work going on in the World Anvil community and here are a few that inspired me in one way or another. To all Anvilites, keep up the amazing work!

Introduction to Ethnis

In order to find ways to organize Linebound and to make it easier to get into the world I took to the Best of World Anvil for inspiration. To the surprise of no one, Ethnis was there. While I don't think my CSS abilities are up to the task of making a world look as good as this, I thought that the main page and introduction were a great on-boarding for new readers and players - the distinction between these two and the further reading pages for each group are something I hadn't considered before. I just always assumed that the people reading it would be the few people playing in a game I was running but this has encouraged me to explore other audiences and to write more stories (or interactive adventures).
Introduction To Ethnis
Generic article | Mar 5, 2023

Ethnis is a massive Science-Fantasy setting and a backdrop for stories woven in many mediums—including books and RPGs. This is a primer to the setting, the ongoing projects within it, and how read, play, or support it.

The Truthteller's Timepiece

Shoutout to fellow Tabletale member Hanhula on a great article (she always makes amazing articles). It looks great and weaves the item into the history of the world. The article looks great with lots of example images of the timepiece generated using Midjourney. Most of my articles could do with being more tied into to bigger picture ideas in the setting.
The Truthteller's Timepiece
Item | Dec 6, 2022

A magical pocket watch that can record those it hears and determine the truth from their words.


Another article from the chapter of games this time by MGatta. A city near a portal to another plane from which the waters - and dangers - flow. This article talks about how the peculiarities of the location affect the society there and about what has happened recently to cause a great change. This idea of change and motion in towns, societies, and other aspects of the world is something I think I have mostly overlooked in my writing. 2023 will be the year of change. Problems exist in Linebound and for better or for worse these issues will be creating change at every opportunity. Bral will no longer be a nation that was warlike but one that is remembering what they used to be. The city of Darapur will have to be changed by not only the idea of exploration but its bounty as well. That said, some things can interact with the idea of change by being unchanging but I will end with the words of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, "This changes everything."
Settlement | Oct 30, 2022

Right by not one, but two planar portals, Untuteb has the keys to keeping Candle River flowing and safe.

Holders of the Skyswords

While I have a few important historical items in Linebound, none have an impact on the present state of the world like these Skyswords and the people who wielded them. This is something I need to consider more overall in my setting as it seems to be disparate and not the result of consequences of past events.
Holders of the Skyswords
Organization | Dec 28, 2022

Solstice Socks

My articles seem to be lacking in the humor department recently. I need to have more fun with my articles and stop taking myself so seriously all the time. I wrote a short story (and only just remembered to add it to World Anvil) last year that is almost just banter between two characters and I think it is a lot of fun. Fun that disappears when I start worldbuilding. Thanks to Timepool for reminding me to be embrace laughter.
Solstice Socks
Item | Dec 25, 2022

Anomalous socks that replace well-meaning gifts all around the world.

Laws of Magic

I have been writing magic without really explaining how or why it works and will continue to, that is how I want it to be in Linebound. However, Jester% now has me thinking about how the people of Linebound may try to categorize magic or make a framework for understanding it, even if it may be a futile attempt.
Laws of Magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Mar 20, 2023

Even magic is bound by laws that decided how it can be and how it can be not with those that refuse to obey them to suffer the consequences.


Arimel is a great person and I know this because great people have skyships in their settings. But in all seriousness it is always great to see other people's ideas about skyships and their function. I realize I haven't laid out how skyships work in Linebound. I want their function to remain a mystery but I could definitely write about the construction in more detail.
Vehicle | Dec 29, 2022


This article by AuthorGoddess may have the name of a simple structure - making it easy to remember unlike when I make up names of things - but is a place where magic bursts through into the world. The way these work and affect the actions of people, creating races to see who can capture them first, are very interesting. Perhaps in Linebound more people should seek out magic or those who know magic in an attempt to utilize it for themselves. The article also invokes many senses that these fountains can act upon which made me realize I often do not use any sense beyond sight in my own articles. I know you don't need to use all of the senses at once but two or even three would give a better description of something.
Building / Landmark | Dec 1, 2022

Touch: The Magic of Ghosts

Kwyn Marie has made a very beautiful, detailed, and well-laid out article on how the spirits of the world interact with it. It is a very good read. The advantages and disadvantages of each method, the social impacts of them, and so forth. While I may not be writing about ghosts, the fae of Linebound interact with the world in a unique way that I haven't done a very good job describing. Even if I want to make them strange and otherworldly that doesn't mean indescribable. Perhaps this year is the year of magic for my writing.
Touch: The Magic of Ghosts
Spell | Dec 31, 2022

The Sea of Change

Shoutout to my friend and new anvilite AVeryOddBox! This is the type of article that has potential. It makes me want to know more. I have so many blank stubs in Linebound and instead of blank stubs they could be little snippets like this and an "Under Construction" banner.
The Sea of Change
Geographic Location | Jan 10, 2023


A second article from MGatta that as of me writing this is "a good start for something to be polished during 2023". I think it is already really interesting and am excited to see how it develops. As a fellow gamemaster I like the rollable tables at the bottom of this article for creating NPCs. Now my chapter members will know that I personally do not like to use rollable tables and have everything I do be very intentional but a list of ideas to choose from is never a bad idea. I will likely include some of these in my ethnicity articles and perhaps include some ideas for encounters on location articles. I may not roll dice on the table but someone might and that is great!
Species | Dec 31, 2022

Unknown to most of the world, these hyena-like humanoids have a divine mandate

My Resolutions

As far as creative endeavors go these are my goals for 2023:
Redo the meta for Linebound.
Change the appearance of the world using CSS.
Reorganize the world.
Make an adequate timeline.
Create at least a basic map of Breharan. This may be quite different from all the previous ideas of the size and shape of the continent.
Write the important articles like nations and cultures and expand from there.
Write a new short story in the setting. Alternatively: Create an interactive story on Linebound.
Redo the world main page.
Create an introduction page for new readers.
Complete Summercamp.
Complete World Ember.
Do something towards these goals every day or at least write something.

It is a long list but I think that I can do this - especially if I complete the last item on the list!


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Jacqueline Yang
9 Jan, 2023 02:08

Those are a lot of goals, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it! After all, you have the whole year. Good luck!   BTW, love the How to Train Your Dragon reference.

9 Jan, 2023 05:53

So much revision. Some articles are just really old and not up to standard and even the ones I like need to be redone for a new article layout.   One of my favourite films ever made. *Test Drive starts playing in the background.*

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9 Jan, 2023 08:23

Excellent set of goals! Have an amazing and inspiring year :D you've got this!

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
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9 Jan, 2023 10:38

Those are some great articles you've picked, and some worthy goals. Good luck pursuing them into 2023! :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
9 Jan, 2023 19:07

Good luck on getting your goals set for the new year, you have lot to work out for you. Also it Jester%, not Joker%.

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
The Sagas world cover
9 Jan, 2023 19:13

Thanks. Fixed it, that's embarrassing. Sorry about that.

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