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The Arum Swamp

Originally called the Quag of Araharum, it has since been shortened to the Arum Swamp. There are Juthannan ruins to be found there, but exploration is difficult due to the dangers of the swamp, the rarity of the ruins, difficulty in gaining access to them, and how well they and any artifacts contained therein were preserved.   There are primarily two groups that enter the Arum Swamp: 1. Exploratory parties - these are largely established and self contained adventuring groups and mercenary companies. They will enter the Arum Swamp with the hope to find undiscovered Juthannan ruins. They will enter said ruins and take whatever they can of value to sell, usually in Codyssa - City. They will then also attempt to sell the location of the ruins, but price will depend on the description of the ruins, an evaluation of what items were found therein, and, perhaps most importantly, the reputation of those selling information. Those found lying, or even overly inflating the importance of ruins found may have issues selling information in the future, if not being banned from Codyssa - City outright.   2. Research parties - these are staffed and/or funded by sages, scholars, mages, merchants, and even the Codyssan government itself. They will often hire individual or groups of adventurers or mercenaries depending on the perceived risk of the ruins, mostly by their location within Arum Swamp. They go to learn and study from the ruins themselves as well as to see if they are able to excavate further into them when possible, ferreting out all their secrets.

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