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Session 5 & 6: Captured!?

General Summary

Tork Rezo and Lady Spore attempted to pump the Sshtotzeih guards that waylaid them for information. They were only able to get some very basic information before the guards began trying to magically compel them to come into Sshtotzeih and then devolved into a battle.   Tork Rezo and Lady Spore were quickly surrounded while Ogron Trevette and Iztlie began to retreat to a safe distance, preparing to run away if the situation turned against them. After a quick scuffle Tork Rezo had managed to seriously injured the leader of the guards, but was then finally charmed into entering the city and where he was quickly overwhelmed. In response Lady Spore told the others to run, then cast a spell to hide inside the earth itself. Ogron Trevette and Iztlie were summarily captured and taken with Tork to a prison.   Lady Spore managed to get a bit of rest before she was discovered by Sshtotzeih mages and forced out of the stone. They gave her a chance to surrender, which she refused and then attempted to escape by turning invisible and into a spider then running as fast as she could. After a few minutes of trying to flee and hide while they stomped and rolled at her, she was eventually exhausted of her resources, beaten unconscious, and captured.   Tork and Ogron were taken to a room where Lady Spore was unconscious and bound to a chair, then were similarly bound while she was resuscitated. Then Hakhi, Rastlin's Kidnapper, came into the room, followed by a massive and muscular Yuan-Ti abomination, Jhalu the Ruthless and they began to interrogate their prisoners.   Lady Spore started hostile, then demanded to get to see Iztlie and refused to talk until she did. Hakhi moved on to Tork, who also resisted answering questions, and Ogron who was intimidated into spilling his guts, telling them why they were there and how they got there. Lady Spore was then taken to "see" Iztlie, by being taken to Nohshuh's laboratory for experimentation. The others were judged to be strong and suitable slaves, but called for Nohshuh to appraise them as well to see if they were good fits for her research. Tork was deemed a match but Ogron Trevette was dismissed.   Tork and Lady Spore began their lives in imprisonment, resisting and trying to escape as they could. Tork Rezo met a Werewolf named Gerome who he had for companionship. Gerome turned out to be very important to Tork and his immediate future, as his blood was used by Nohshuh to try and turn him into an intelligent Yuan-Ti Broodguard, but instead resulted in his Lycanthropy.   As usual, Lady Spore had a more amicable relationship with their captors. She did attempt several escapes and attacks, but Nohshuh found her intriguing, having frequent conversations to plumb her of all her unique knowledge and experiences for months, until she began experimenting on her body too. Nohshuh had commented on her being perfect for a pet project, which resulted in both her body and mind being completely restructured and greatly weakened, but quickly respond to stimuli in order to grow stronger.   During their nearly nine and a half months stay they learned a lot about the Yuan-Ti of Sshtotzeih, but then they along with nearly all the other prisoners being experimented on, were taken from Nohshuh's lab to the Temple of Sanguine Scales where they met up with Ogron again, and even finally caught sight of Rastlin Deepsilver, although he appeared to have somewhat recently lost one of his legs below the knee. They spent their days doing manual labor, but on the second night Lady Spore heard thump outside her cell, followed by rattling at her door. When she approached she found her door unlocked, an unconscious Yuan-Ti guard in the hall, and a bag that looked suspiciously like Tork's bag of holding on the ground with a key ring set on top of it.

Rewards Granted

Lost all magic items, items, equipment, gold, clothing, etc. they had on hand except Lady Spore's gloves and Tork's bag of holding was left outside of Lady Spore's cell at the Temple of Sanguine Scales.


Session 5: Session Length: ~2 hours
In game time: ~7 hours
  Session 6: Session Length: ~2 hours
In game time: 292 days
LWP & The Archaelogical Soldier of Fortune
Report Date
23 May 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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