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Common Year 3165

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There are four continents across Lidoc: Esil, Sorund, Ifith/Faerova, and Ginoth (starting in the North and going clockwise). The Great Abyssal Ocean separates the continents and would provide the easiest access to travel between them if it were not for its extremely dangerous and volatile nature. The top of the world is capped by Safdoja, a gigantic ice mountain whose peak seemingly reaches the heavens and can be seen from thousands of miles away.  
Esil combines high fantasy and dark fantasy in a low magic setting where due to a great catastrophe centuries ago magic lost much of its potency. It has slowly been recovering, but a large portion of the continent is still devastated and magic acts extremely volatile here, and arcane casters are treated with suspicion at best if not outright attacked.  
Sorund is a high fantasy setting that focuses on it's inhabitants' especially strong ties to the Feywild and their interactions with Faerova, that has been attempting to invade and take over for several centuries.  
Faerova (Ifith)
Faerova is a high fantasy setting with elements of steampunk that is notable in that it is a single empire comprised of all the races and inhabitants on the continent of Ifith. Due to the unification of the continent their technology has begun to advance, to the point of creatures such as warforged and other similar level of tech. A side effect of the unification and forced integration of races is that they have lost a large part of their cultures and what made them unique. Faerova is ruled by Empress Rovanolia who seeks to bring peace to the world through unification.   The Rise of Faerova campaign takes place nearly a millenia ago in CY 3165 and in a different era from the present, before the creation of the empire. This is a classic high fantasy setting detailing the adventures of Malach the shipwright and warlock.  
Ginoth is a classic high fantasy setting, with governments primarily being kingdoms and city states.

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