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Session 2: Snakes in a Cave

General Summary

Tork Rezo and Lady Spore led Ogron Trevette and company into the tunnels at the base of the buried tower ruins, starting their search first at the structure mentioned by Rastlin Deepsilver.   They found the main entrance guarded by more kobolds, so decided to leave the archaeologists behind and sneak in through an unlocked door atop a balcony. They bypassed the guards, dispatched a Yuan-Ti priestess, then hunkered down to administer first aid. Following this they stealthily approached the leader, Anoza's room and overheard him talking to another person about taking Rastlin Deepsilver somewhere to be used for Zihsha's plans. They kicked down the door and managed to catch a glimpse of him below his cloak, seeing that he was an Albino Yuan-Ti, but were unable to stop him from making off with Rastlin Deepsilver.   Tork Rezo crushed Anoza in a feat of both strength and bravado, took all the papers on his desk in hope of gleaning some information, then they fought their way back out to regroup with Ogron Trevette.   They decided to go back in to see if they could interrogate any of the remaining Yuan-Ti and find Gator. While they did get some vague information about Sshtotzeih, the Yuan-Ti city, discussions broke down and Tork Rezo and Lady Spore were forced to kill the Yuan-Ti, especially the feral ones they referred to as "broodguards".   They soon after found Gator in the midst of being transformed into a broodguard himself. While Tork Rezo wanted to put him out of his misery, Lady Spore was able to cure him with her witch magicks. With no information left to be found, they decided to regroup with Ogron Trevette and assess the situation.

Rewards Granted

522 gp, 500 sp
1 emerald (100 gp)
1 ruby (100 gp)
1 sapphire (100 gp)
5 diamonds (100 gp each, 500 gp total)
Staff of the Adder
+1 Scimitar
Ring of Water Walking
Belt of Sacrifice
x2 Potion of Healing

Character(s) interacted with

Overheard Anoza and an Albino Yuan-Ti
Ogron Trevette
Yuan-Ti priestess


Session length: ~3 hours
In game time: ~12 hours
LWP & The Archaelogical Soldier of Fortune
Report Date
14 Apr 2020
Primary Location

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