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Session 4: Expedition to Sshtotzeih

General Summary

Lady Spore and Tork Rezo questioned their prisoner Iztlie about Rastlin Deepsilver and the Albino Yuan-Ti, Hakhi. Unfortunately Iztlie didn't know much as he had been on an expedition during the entire affair, so they decided to have him guide them to Sshtotzeih. Iztlie thought to bargain to have his companion saved in exchange but was cowed into it once Lady Spore informed him that there weren't any other survivors and then killed the unconscious Yuan-Ti pureblood.   Iztlie led them northeast to the ruins the party had previously encountered Anoza in before leading them more eastward. At first Lady Spore and Tork Rezo weren't positive if the route taken was necessary or if he had intended to ambush them with Anoza's forces, but when Lady Spore informed him of Anoza's death he did look a bit crestfallen, confirming their suspicions.   At the end of their first day of travel together they realized they had no effective way to bind Iztlie and began a lengthy discussion of elaborate ways to tie him up or restrain him or inhibit his ability to shapeshift into a snake. Lady Spore had the thought of killing him and animating his remains, hoping that they would retain their memories. After a great deal of talk over the best course of action they brought over Ogron to get his opinion and Iztlie, worried over their very obvious discussion about what to do with him, saw this as his best opportunity to attempt an escape. He turned into his snake form to escape his bindings and was almost immediately murdered by Lady Spore.   Lady Spore began a careful dissection in order to carefully preserve his brain and the join it to his skeleton as she reanimated it, causing it to retain some very basic aspect of Iztlie's memories as well as Ogron to become violently sick. They continued travel just a bit to get away from the various messes left in the tunnel and made camp for the night.   Over the next several days they followed Iztlie mostly without incident until they reached what they presumed was Sshtotzeih. Iztlie indicated they should continue to follow, but the passage wasn't much larger than his skeletal snake body, so they asked if there were entrances that they would be better able to utilize. As Iztlie continued to lead them they stumbled upon a group of 8 Yuan-Ti guards.   Lady Spore attempted to bluff that they were Hakhi's minions as he is both mysterious and feared, and was able to do so convincingly enough to give them pause and send two runners off to check with a boss about what they should do with them.

Character(s) interacted with

Yuan-Ti guards outside of Sshtotzeih

Created Content

Hakhi updated


Session length: ~1.75 hours
In game time: ~4.5 days
LWP & The Archaelogical Soldier of Fortune
Report Date
12 May 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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