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Session 8: Break out of the Underdark Report

General Summary

Lady Spore led the party (Tork Rezo, Chalan Darante, Ogron Trevette, and Rastlin Deepsilver) through the underdark, attempting to find a way out that didn't go near Sshtotzeih. They became somewhat lost and on their third day overheard fighting and from the sounds concluded it was likely the other prisoners from the Temple of Sanguine Scales. While Lady Spore was somewhat concerned that a large number of untrained people might be a hindrance to their escape, once Tork saw them in peril he rushed to their aid. Many of them were familiar with Tork due to both his efforts in helping them while slaves and as one of their rescuers a few days ago, and Tindil Wildstar cried out his praises as Tork met the troll in battle and quickly dispatched it.   The party merged with a group of 44 other escapees, who explained that they had split from the rest as they wanted to head out of the underdark and the others were looking for destinations within it. They spent a day getting lost and looping back on themselves and the following day while they began to hear sounds from the tunnel behind them. Chay, Tork, and Lady Spore sent the group ahead and snuck back to investigate. They overheard Yuan-Ti behind them, then made a plan to get ahead of them and set a false trail, but when they began to sneak away Tork tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground, letting out a loud groan. Chay heard the Yuan-Ti making excited whispering. They decided to confront the group and discovered there were only 5, but 2 of them were quickly running away. After it looked dire for the 3 that were fighting the party, one took Chay hostage. She was able to convince him that she was working for Zihsha and assisting him to achieve his goal to ascend to godhood, tricking him into releasing her. The party was able to kill 3 of what was clearly a scouting party, but weren't able to catch up to the 2 with a head start.    Investigating the scouts' bodies they found little of worth, mostly weapons and rations, and surprisingly a mix of faction colors on them. The one that had been tricked by Chay and had been a fanatic supporter of Zihsha was wearing red and teal, leading Lady Spore to believe that their faction was the Sanguine Scales, the only faction that they saw in the Temple of Sanguine Scales when they made their escape. One of the others had gold and black, while the last wore deep green and crimson, possibly representing the Jade Serpents. They took what they could and caught back up with their entourage and enact their false trail plan.   The following day they found a likely forking of tunnels, with one trail decently well traveled and the other showing no signs of travel, so they left signs that they had continued on the main path, then went down the unused one, collapsing it behind them. The tunnel eventually opened into a large cavern with several nautral looking tunnels, and lots of holes dug in the floors and walls, reminiscent of a honeycomb. They saw a large figure across the cavern, standing nearly 8 feet tall, and as they approached it became obvious that it had a massive chitonous, insectoid frame and huge mandibles and claws. They decided to push past it to the tunnel behind it, thinking it was the best path, but as they did so they heard a scream from their party, turning to find it receding down a dug tunnel in the floor. More of the bug monsters began appearing out of the holes and picking off their party. They rushed into the tunnel with the one monster, and trapped the entrance behind them with magical spike growth and fled after losing only 3 people.   They spent another week in the tunnels basically without incident, for a total of 12 days after escaping from the Temple of Sanguine Scales, coming up near the center of The Arum Swamp, and Vagressian, The Shadow Tyrant's domain. Fortunately, Lady Spore knew the area well enough to lead everyone out of the swamp, but a few hours later two young black dragons confronted them. They introduced themselves as Laridion and Zoxinisy and offered them safe passage in exchange for "a bit of entertainment." Tork thought that they could put on a theatrical performance of a classic play, "Predator." Fortunately the popularity of the play and the fear of the dragons' wrath were convincing motivators to get their company's participation.    During the first act after several of the characters in the play were supposed to have died, but Lari and Zoxxy felt that they weren't realistic enough of deaths, so to add to the performance, Laridion breathed acid on the actors, killing 2 and critically injuring Tindil Wildstar. There was a tense moment between Tork, Chay, and the dragons, and they convinced them that they would have more fun participating in the play with them, but did not inform them that the roles they were taking were the next ones to die. When it came time for Zoxinisy's character to die, she got upset, saying it wasn't fun, and demanded to change roles with Tork. After being told that his role as the Predator was already cast, she also breathed acid on him, critically wounding him as well, then claiming he was in no condition to perform. Chay jumped onto Laridion's back, then demanded that they take her to see their father and that she had important information regarding vague threats to his domain, hoping to bargain for the party's freedom in exchange for the information about Zihsha's Plans. They agreed that they would both take her to meet their father, Vagressian, but as they began to fly off, they swooped down on the group, spraying them with acid while gleefully cackling, and killing another 8. Chay demanded "What is wrong with you!?" in a mixture of shock and horror, and in response Laridion did a mid-flight roll causing her to fall over 30 feet into the muck of the swamp. They thanked them for the fun and promised they'd pass on the vague warning onto their father as they flew off.   After successfully escaping from the dragons, over the next 5 days Lady Spore was able to guide them across the swamp, avoiding threats of both the environment and its denizens. Lady Spore broke off from the group, to return to her grove, while the rest made the final push to return to Fenmoor.

Missions/Quests Completed

Character(s) interacted with


Session Length: ~2 hours
In Game Time: ~17 days
LWP & The Archaelogical Soldier of Fortune
Report Date
16 Sep 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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