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Session 1: Enter Tork and Lady Spore

General Summary

Ogron Trevette recently received a magical message from Rastlin Deepsilver:  
Ogron, in ruined tower. Northern Lizards. Cleared rubble. Found underground cavern, can see intact building. Come when able. Rastlin
    Ogron Trevette hired Tork Rezo to guard and escort him and his workers to meet up with Rastlin Deepsilver, as well as Lady Spore to guide him and provide safe passage through the Northern Lizardfolk Tribe's territory.   The Lady Spore happened upon a group of bullywugs that had captured a Lizardfolk youth. She overheard him ask for his release as he was Thax, son of Chieftain Grot, but the bullywugs were just that much more enamored about ransoming him. The Lady Spore intervened, offering to repay them with a favor if they released the boy to her. After some additional haggling over gold, which both parties seemed somewhat ignorant over its true value and usage, they acquiesced.   Lady Spore then discovered that this wasn't Thax at all, but Vaszix, who had lied about his lineage to try and escape, unsuccessfully. She then had him be the escort back to the tribe, where she greeted Chieftain Grot and secured Vaszix as a guide for them, to pay back his debt to her (which she did not mention to Grot).   When they reached the ruined tower they discovered a campsite that hadn't been used in days, but no tracks except those going into the tower. Once inside, instead of Rastlin Deepsilver, they found a group of kobold guards, who they deftly dispatched.

Rewards Granted

Tork Rezo promised 4gp per day, 8gp if he had to fight.
Lady Spore received a Thermos of Holding containing an igloo cooler's worth of perfectly preserved soup, as per a previous arrangement with Ogron Trevette.

Character(s) interacted with


Session length: 2.5 hours
In game time: 1.5 days
LWP & The Archaelogical Soldier of Fortune
Report Date
12 Apr 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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