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Session 3: Research Interlude

General Summary

After decimating Anoza and his minions, saving Gator, and recovering a plethora of the Yuan-Ti's Papers Ogron Trevette decided there was nothing more that could be done there and decided they should withdraw to either Fenmoor or Codyssa - City to either translate the papers themselves or hire someone to help. Ogron was able to do a bit of translating in the evenings in the camp, discovering that Anoza thought Rastlin's abilities would be helpful in regards to a collapsed temple, which also referenced something about a ritual and some sort of leader.   Lady Spore escorted them as far as her hollow, and upon her return was uncharacteristically greeted by her Myconid cohabitants, indicating they had a message to pass on. Hosibup, the leader of the Myconid, sent her a vision from its memories of several bullywugs that seemed familiar to her that approached her hut and attempted to seek audience with her, to no avail. Lady Spore decided that they would come back should it be urgent and dismissed their visit.   Over the next several days Lady Spore went back to the Northern Lizardfolk tribe to consult with Chieftain Grot about Sshtotzeih, the Yuan-Ti city, and its location and other information he had on it. He was able to provide her with a general area that it is likely in as well as that he is nearly certain that it is a subterranean city, but didn't know more than that. Lady Spore went to Fenmoor to try to send word to Tork Rezo and Ogron Trevette about the information that she had uncovered, in case he had been taken there.   Meanwhile, Tork Rezo escorted Ogron and company back to Fenmoor and they were accosted by Jusmala, telling them the reason Gator looks so rough and that dwarf that was with him didn't make it back is because people keep hiring people like Tork Rezo instead of professionals like them. Tork brushed her off by joking that she only harasses him because she secretly likes him. Ogron paid for a teleport back to Codyssa and offered Tork payment to stay on retainer for the meantime while they translated what they could, as they enjoyed working with him and he also knew what was going on. Tork declined, asking for payment but offered that he could hire him again.   Tork spent the next few days relaxing and happily sold the scimitar he had found on Anoza, as such a rare spoil of battle brought in most of a year's worth of his normal wages for his light guard and escort work. Several days later he went to the library for personal reasons and ran into Ogron, who had found out information about the Yuan-Ti from the documents they recovered .    The Yuan-Ti they encountered were a scouting/expedition party, searching for something specific by the sounds of it, but Ogron doesn't know what. There was a stronghold of Deurgar to the southwest of the buried tower, about 1.5 days south through tunnel passages, says there is a nearby exit to the surface that can be used as an escape or to sneak up on the ruined castle if they get support. There were notes about other ruins explored, which they said were all dead ends. Ogron thinks he can maybe make a rough map based off the descriptions to make navigation of tunnels easier if, but it will take a fair amount of time, and wants to check out the Deurgar stronghold, that maybe if they could find what the Yuan-Ti were looking for he could use it as leverage for Rastlin Deepsilver.   Ogron hired Tork Rezo again and the following day they set off to find Lady Spore, head to the ruined tower they had been at recently, and search out the Deurgar fort and maybe get some answers. While in the tunnels they happened upon a group of Yuan-Ti and managed to dispatch them, leaving a few alive to answer questions.

Rewards Granted

Tork's Mercenary Pay: 36 gp 
Tork: 1100 gp (sold +1 scimitar) 


Session length: ~3 hours
In game time: ~11 days
LWP & The Archaelogical Soldier of Fortune
Report Date
21 Apr 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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