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Olyxx the Young

Olyxx the Young is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Laeryll. He was crowned King of Laeryll in 599 LC, at age 101, after the untimely death of his father Olyxx the Warborn. Basonda of Zhai, his mother, was not willing to lead the kingdom, while Olyxx was eager to take on the role as Olyxx III.  

Political life

In the early seventh century, the newly founded Labarean Empire was allied with the Kingdom of Laeryll. However, Valthyx the Evoker, who was royal advisor at the time, warned against the ambitions of the gnomes. Under the influence of Valthyx and his mother Basonda, Olyxx initiated an effort to strengthen the unity and resilience of the kingdom, which was still suffering from the fallout of the War of the Sisters.  

Schooling Laws

This effort included a civilizing offensive against the wood elves of Qosid, which consisted of mandatory schooling in magic and fine arts. The Communes of Qosid resisted the proposal and it would take Olyxx III until 680 LC to open a Royal School of Arts in Thellur, although by that time it was no longer mandatory and hardly attracted wood elves.   Olyxx could not accept this failure and neither could his mother. In 689 LC, the king decreed that attendance for the school was mandatory for all young wood elves north of Lake Olt under Crown Law. A full assembly was called in the Thallidien and the communes rejected the new law, but Olyxx did not back down. During the Festival of Light in 690 LC, a special assembly was held in Thellur where multiple communes announced that they would no longer recognize the King of Laeryll. That same night, the Royal School of Arts was set on fire as part of the festivities.  

Secession of Qosid

Olyxx realized he had overplayed his hand, but was too late to normalize relations with Qosid. An increasing amount of communes declared independence and during the Quindecennial Assembly of 699 LC, a vote was passed on full secession from the Kingdom of Laeryll. After one year of rule, Olyxx' plan to strengthen the union had brought about the loss of the largest, most populous province of the kingdom.   Olyxx' response was to attack Qosid using all power at his disposal. The result was a violent suppression of the rebellion, in conjunction with a diplomatic offensive by the Province Keeper of Qosid. After almost a year of fighting, a cease-fire was agreed upon that saw Qosid return to the Kingdom of Laeryll.  

Invasion of Silimanis

Two decades later, it became clear that Valthyx the Evoker had been right to warn king Olyxx. In 724 LC, the Labarean Empire exploited the divisiveness within the Kingdom of Laeryll and invaded Silimanis, a human protectorate of the Kingdom of Laeryll since the War of the Sisters. Olyxx realized there was little he could do: he had spent a lot of power on suppressing the wood elf secession and did not wish to count on wood elf troops. What he did was call back all elves from Silimanis, and leave the humans to fight the Labareans themselves.  

Invasion of Zhai

The Labarean Empire had fully occupied Silimanis by the end of 726 LC and started integrating their new colony with the rest of their conquests. For a long time, this was the status quo, but in 900 LC the Labareans started moving again -- this time marching on Zhai. In 903 LC, they put the city of Lloridan under siege. At the end of that year, to the surprise of many, Olyxx declared war against the gnome empire.  

Laeryllian-Labarean War

Main article: Laeryllian-Labarean War   The unexpected war declaration catched even the elites of the kingdom by surprise. As a consequence, Olyxx had to act fast to organize for the conflict, seeking out allies and mobilizing forces. Olyxx initial policy was opportunistic: he enlisted refugees from Zhai to form a new military branch that would weaponize magic, hired bands of adventurers that were tasked with tactical operations and sought out mercenaries who were willing to join the war effort. All this was financed via the Great Debasement.   At the same time, Olyxx sought out allies for the long term. Just prior to declaring war, he had sent out emissaries to the dwarves from The Porcupine. The convoy carried the Ushean High Priest Gundaryk Herell as the main diplomat, as well as a wide range of gifts. Olyxx' hope was that the dwarves would be willing to provide the kingdom with a loan to hire them for the war. From his own kingdom, Olyxx still had to persuade the Communes of Qosid to join the fight. The Province Keeper Gaf Bhytear was sent to arrange for this.  

Development as a leader

Olyxx the Young has went through three stages as a King of Laeryll. In the first stage, he was eager to follow in the footsteps of his father, but he depended very much on the council of those near him -- most notably that of his mother Basonda of Zhai and her mentor Valthyx the Evoker.   During his first century of rule, he became increasingly independent and stubborn in his policies, leading him into his second stage. Now, Olyxx ruled as a monarch and attempted to shape the kingdom according to the ideals of him and his ancestors. This stage ultimately backfired via the tragedy that was the Secession of Qosid, the events of which would dramatically change Olyxx.   Once the Communes had agreed to rejoin the kingdom, Olyxx the Young went to a Dorgothian monastery to study and meditate in 701 LC, delegating royal affairs to his deputy. It was here that he met the then-future Queen Ceanna the Wise. His studies led him to his third stage as king, in which he embraced the Bothandalite ideal of careful coordination of the provinces.


Olyxx the Young


Towards Ceanna the Wise


Ceanna the Wise


Towards Olyxx the Young


Current Location
Year of Birth
498 LC 406 Years old
Aligned Organization

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