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The elven city of Prydisyrr (literally: place under the tree) is the seat of the Crown of the Kingdom of Laeryll and the capital of its province Dathyll. It is known as a place of high elven culture and academia and the site of the Temple Tree, an ancient tree that is currently a place of worship for Waye. Other notable sites in Prydisyrr include the Royal Court, the Royal Academy of Evocation (one of the Seven Schools of Magic), the Museum of Laeryllian History and Fine Arts, the House of Keepers, Thanek's Guesthouse and the Woodhouse Market. Prydisyrr houses a sizable portion of the Laeryllian military.  

Overall design

In the middle of the eastern forest, some four days northwest of King's Swamp, a large circular chasm, about 6 km in diameter, goes down some 2 km. A waterfall flows into this crater from the northern side and in its middle, the city Prydisyr rises on a perfectly steep hill, with a 5 km diameter. Towering above the city is an enormous tree, and the city skyline shows wondrous spires and high-rising buildings. The ground level of the city is only just lower than that of the surrounding forest and is delineated by stonework archways, through which water flows upwards, from the bottom of the chasm. The archways purify all the incoming water, guaranteeing it is potable for the citizens of Prydisyrr.   In the forest, at the edges of the chasm, large wooden structures make a full circle around the city, pointing towards it like three-meter high dragon's teeth. The wooden teeth are engraved with magical runes and can be used to cast a protective shield over the city. Four wooden rope bridges, strengthened by planks and wide enough to carry a cart, connect the forest to the city.   Guardhouses line the bridges on both the forest and the city side of the bridges. At the city side, archways of three meters high and four meters wide make for a welcoming sight into the city.  

Important sites

Temple Tree

The Temple Tree is located in the middle of the city. A gigantic oak, its roots are spread through the city and its trunk reaches high. The tree can be entered at ground level, where the trunk is remarkably large and houses separate shrines for Waye, Llorix and all the Bird Gods. A spiraling staircase inside the trunk leads upwards, where several levels are accessible by exiting through the trunk, onto branches. Priests and druids come here to meditate, but also to consult visitors. In the highest branches, High Priests of Waye and Llorix hold office, as do The Watchers.   The tree itself is said to hold the spirits of Waye and her Bird Gods, and its branches hold cleansing energies. Those corrupted by foul magic or otherwise afflicted by dark diseases can spend time on its branches to cure.    

Royal Court

The first role of the Crown of Laeryll is to dispense justice through the elven lands, by mediating between any parties that are in conflict. Since the days of Thanyal the Singer, who ruled the Kingdom of Laeryll from 923 BLC to 444 BLC, the knowledge and moral judgment of the Crown is complemented by codified law, so that trained elves can take over some of that work.   The Royal Court houses the Crown and the royal family, and also serves as a courthouse where Laeryllian citizens who are unhappy with the judgment of their own communities can turn to. Currently, King Olyxx III, Queen Ceanna and two princes Zakathiel and Olyxx IV live in the mansion connected to the Court.  

Royal Academy of Evocation

The Royal Academy of Evocation is a training ground for evocation wizards. It houses a large library, which is accessible to the public, holds dormitories for its fifty students and contains several laboratories, some of the contained in pocket dimensions that are kept within the academy. As a building, the most notable thing about the academy is that its five floors have been expanded outwards in a haphazard fashion, rooms sticking out from the building in physically unlikely ways. The academy contains a single high tower, which is home to the Orange Dean, the head of the Academy. The current Orange Dean is Valthyx the Evoker.   Graduates from the Academy are granted the status of True Wizard and are always welcome to use the study facilities of any of the Seven Schools.  

Museum of Laeryllian History and Fine Arts

This museum holds the largest collection of items depicting the history of the elven kingdoms. It also keeps great works of art on display, such as the original copy of Nesidyn the Bard's ''A Bird's Flight'', Wayan poetry from ancient Qosid, statues made by Bothandal the Crafter and old murals collected from Barael. The museum has a special room for contemporary woodwork and holds a music hall for deep meditation and occassional performances.  

House of Keepers

This is a beautifully decorated wooden building, standing two floors high besides the Royal Court. A broad stairway allows the public entry from the side facing the fruit market, while a corridor connects the building to the court at the other side of the building. Climbing stairs on opposing sides, the public can reach balconies looking onto a large, dark oak table, encrested with Laeryllian heraldry. At the head of the table stands a throne-like, adorned chair, while two rows of four chairs line the length of it.   Here, the Province Keepers meet to petition the Crown or discuss urgent matters. The public is not allowed to join in on each meeting, but they can declare any grievances or concerns during petitions. Any proclamation made by the Crown in the House of Keepers is considered law, and codified as such.  

Thanek's Guesthouse

The oldest inn in Prydisyrr, this guesthouse consists of distributed rooms hanging from or fixed to the Temple Tree. The rooms are connected by ladders and rope bridges. The main location of Thanek's Guesthouse is a drinking house with four floors, two of which are below ground level. The lowest level is always filled with elves playing parlor games, while the floor above is dedicated to music, drinking and comedy acts. The main floor is a relatively quiet drinking hall, and the top floor holds several guestrooms. Thanek's Guesthouse offers many private services that cater to the specific tastes of its patrons, attracting travelers from across the Northern Arm.  

Woodhouse Market

This huge wooden hall, lined with beautiful marble columns and featuring colorful murals depicting the elven good life, is a bazaar of goods. In its center stands a big stage on which multiple musicians, dancers, magicians and circus artist compete for the attention of visitors. The walls are lined with small stands selling alchemical mixtures, exotic herbs and spices, colorful cloth, gnomish inventions and religious paraphernalia.  


The Laeryllian military is well established in Prydisyrr. A guarded complex houses the barracks in which infantry are housed, fed and trained, as well as stables containing purebred war horses for a small cavalry contingent. Separate stables house a number griffons for use by high ranked True Wizards, and the Cloud Patrol. King Olyxx III and Queen Ceanna have their own griffons, who are also kept in the barrack stables.  

House of Twelve

The House of Twelve is one of the gathering places of the Circle of Twelve, a group of priests from all gods of the Pantheon of Twelve.



67% high elf 15% wood elf 7% other
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