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  Vampires are undead humanoid creatures who spread their vampiric curse through their bite, and who are usually sustained by the blood of the living. They generally resemble their former self, but either obtain an ethereal beauty unique to the undead, or descend into something far more sharp and feral.   Vampires must live in the darkness, for sunlight is able to destroy a vampire in twelve seconds if they fail to escape the light's piercing beams. They cannot enter private dwellings without invitation, nor can they survive in running water for long. They dislike mirrors, holy symbols, and garlic. They resist all damage not dealt by magical silvered blades, and hold innate resistance to electricity, cold, and channelled energy. They may use their undead strength to heal with great haste, and can transform into gaseous substance to escape from all attacks. They are also significantly harder to hit than non-vampiric beings.   They can be identified by their scarlet eyes, their lack of reflection, and their lack of shadow. They possess abilities to transform their shape into bats and wolves, and may climb surfaces with little effort. Most vampires use their unholy charisma for seduction, leaning into the romantic myths around their kind.   Some other versions of vampires exist.
  • Vetala lack most standard vampiric resistances and drain thought and memory instead of blood.
  • Aswangs are exclusively female and appear humanlike in the day. At night, they adopt monstrous winged forms to feed on the hearts of the young.
  • Nosferatu lack immortal youth and vigor but instead gain strong power over beasts and vermin. They are a dying breed, unable to easily pass on their curse.
  • Vrykolakas are closer to ghouls than to vampires; they rise from the grave at night to spread disease, and lack all of the seductive, proud characteristics of most vampires.
  • Dhampirs are half-vampires - the children of an unholy union of mortal and vampire. They straddle two worlds and struggle in both.
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