Taenion Naralthar

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  Taenion Naralthar was a snow elven druid and one of the Mountain's Eyes of the Nisrei, whose partner was Tyrik Reiduln of Gildómar. He, Tyrik, an ifrit named Esran, a suli named Kesia, and Sonja Ilsyth were adventurers that travelled through the world to complete quests and help others.   Taenion was captured beneath Ironfalls by the drow of Vaermyrhel, and would go on to be tortured to death by them. Though the Lost Ones found him in their search for Alysia Undria, they were not able to intervene without great cost to themselves, and he was left behind.   His death was not confirmed until 5626, three years past his disappearance, when his body was recovered and returned to his tribe in 5626 by Azsire Tulyátar of the Querei during the elder snow elf's time in Ironfalls. It is likely that the retrieval was either requested by the Nisrei upon hearing of Azsire's location, or by Sonja Ilsyth, as Taenion's former ally.
Neutral Good
5486 EA 5623 EA 137 years old
Aligned Organization

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