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  Foldauth is a jutting mountain ever shrouded by a permanent area of chill and darkness. It is a fairly high peak, though its exact height has not been able to be correctly measured. Supposedly, it is located directly in the path of one of Iskaldhal's leylines, potentially one that flows into the ley nexus under the Heartforge of Iskaldhal   At the mountain's peak, a large stone tower rises from the darkness. This is the heart of Foldauth, and the seat of power from which the lich Seiðrkolva plans her reign of undeath. The tower bears no name of its own - at least, not one that anyone is aware of - and instead shares its name with the mountain. An underground complex spreads its roots out from the tower's base, carving homes and horrors both into the depths of Foldauth.   No nation tries to claim Foldauth in its borders. Its closest nations are Polyhedra, Sjarvaldir, and Halsgard in terms of formal nation, and all eschew its area. It stands close enough to the Hands of the First to carry their shadow, and is also the closest major landmark to the Ruby Shrine, to the point where would-be adventurers avoid braving the dragonshrine for fear of Seiðrkolva's intervention.  
None have been so foolish as to try to live through an expedition to that lich's quarters. At least, not without permission.
— adventurer
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