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Hands of the First

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  The Hands of the First are Iskaldhal's central peaks. Unlike the sprawling mountain ranges around them, the Hands are sharp, jagged mountains that reach far higher than their fellows, and many of their inner caverns are wrought from crystalline gemstone and polished stone instead of raw rock.   Travellers are advised to not attempt to cross the Hands. Not only do they lead to the Heartforge of Iskaldhal, but they are protected by the most fearsome of dragons - and besides that, they are long rumoured to be cursed for any without true intentions. Missions to the Heartforge usually take very careful routes and seek the permission or protection of deities, and many give up before they come anywhere close.


When the dwarven deity Torag was forced to purify the Heartforge of Iskaldhal from the demonic influence Thremyr had brought unto it, he could not - and would not - leave it exposed to be fought over by Man, nor would he allow it to spread further corruption amongst his dwarven children.   He drew up dwarven heroes who had fallen fighting for their pantheon in the First Divine War and blessed them with renewed vigor, promising them the chance to eternally defend their homeland. It was the highest honour one could possibly bestow, and each accepted. Their forms were turned to diamond and scattered around the Heartforge's edge; then, with the power of the full Dwarven Pantheon, each was surrounded by impenetrable layers of rock upon rock until a circle of sharp peaks guarded the Heartforge from sight. Not even the dragons dared breach it for fear of what could happen.   The Hands still stand today, towering and vengeful.
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