Seiðrkolva of Foldauth

In the darkest corners of the world, where none keep watch, much can happen.   Thankfully, Seiðrkolva is there to brighten things up. That she uses the skulls of mortals infused with soul-forged flame to do so is really only a problem for those poor fools that cling to their pale morality.
  Seiðrkolva is a lich of unknown age, origin, and species who has lived upon the mountain of Foldauth for the past few millennia. When she travels out of her icy domain, it is never in the same form as when she was previously seen. This shapeshifting property has made it incredibly hard to tell what her true species is, and whether or not it lines up with the story she claims is hers. Though her presence is forbidden in a number of the countries and tribes around Iskaldhal, nobody really has the power to properly identify her on visits until she drops the disguise for her most favoured forms.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The physical appearance of Seiðrkolva changes dramatically each time she is seen. She favours a thin and slightly emaciated form draped in glittering blue jewels and mithral scales.

Body Features


Identifying Characteristics

Her piercing blue eyes are only hidden when she chooses to do so - usually, they are her most identifying feature. They glow in her skull as if made of fire when she takes her most favoured form, and rarely have pupils.

Apparel & Accessories

She favours silver and mithral for her armour and robes, accented with diamonds, sapphires, and other gems of blue-silver (or black, should any be present). It is incredibly rare to find her in robes of any poorer material regardless of disguise.   On occasion, she chooses to adjust her colour scheme to that of true fire. It is advised that she not be crossed in these times. It is suggested that the presence of glowing orange flame indicates her anger.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Seiðrkolva was born once. To unfortunate prey that seek to pull the circumstances of her birth from her lips, she claims that her father was slain in battle and her mother in childbirth. She knew neither, and lived a solitary and largely unfulfilling life until one day, she stumbled across the smouldering ruins of a human settlement. The humans had dabbled in the darkest arts, and Seiðrkolva was intrigued. Their books and artefacts disappeared alongside her long before the paladins that had cast forth their judgement on the town could return. This, she never fails to describe with glee.   She studied alone for many years, counting on the various travellers that traipsed past her home to provide her with nourishment and tools for experimentation. Their meat would be her meals; their skeletons, her toys. But it was not enough to play with the souls of mortals, not when her own lay exposed. Not when age would eventually rob her of all dexterity and leave her nothing more than a corpse. With little guidance other than her own research and stolen materials, Seiðrkolva began the process to become a lich.   She succeeded, of course, and immediately began establishing her territory. Her characteristic flames of undeath would fend off most soldiers who attempted to end her threat, merely adding more to her army. But she was never, and will never be, a fool. To rule the North uncontested would be a fool's errand; controlling so many was a task intended only for the divine. She restrained her territory, and instead offered her patronage to those who could benefit her in some way. Those of Gildómar refused, of course - their morals were ever too secure to consider sympathising with a lich - but others of Iskaldhal agreed. They bargained with her, exchanging rare tomes of information and well-made suits of armour for protection or destruction.   It was not until the other one rose up that she had any issues, really.

Gender Identity

Prefers female pronouns, but switches fairly regularly.


Enjoys seducing paladins to corrupt them to her side, regardless of gender.


Self-taught, apparently.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Has raised an immense army of various undead, including reanimated dragons and pet frost giants imbued with her magic. Is heavily involved in the defence of smaller tribes and countries (though usually without necromancy). Has advised the Witch-Tribes on many topics and is considered a Forbidden Target because of this (and because of the danger of angering her).

Failures & Embarrassments

Consistently fails to destroy her rival completely and is absolutely infuriated by his survival. Tends to sponsor adventurers who think they can take him down (it gives her a laugh when they fail).

Mental Trauma

Cannot possibly have any sort of trauma as a violent and sociopathic lich queen of unspecified (but presumed ancient) age.

Intellectual Characteristics

Incredibly smart and witty, with a torturous streak about a mile wide for any creature that dares test her patience.

Morality & Philosophy

Firmly believes that the strong are intended to rule their lessers. Doesn't particularly care about anyone's feelings.   She isn't scared of her eventual true death, nor what awaits her after her corruption into lichdom. Instead, she welcomes the challenge and doesn't mind adventurers or 'heroes' trying to kill her. It makes it more entertaining to let them think they've won for a little, after all, before tearing their hearts out and making them hers.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to remain the dominant lich upon Iskaldhal, and effectively control the continent from the shadows through clever manipulation and outright destruction.

Likes & Dislikes

Partial to anything expensive, especially if it's expensive knowledge that she has yet to obtain. Dislikes Toraldis Máladeilan and all he stands for.


Family Ties

Has no living family. Or undead family, allegedly.

Religious Views

Whispers speak of a shrine hidden behind walls of treasure and undead traps, though which god claims it as their own is unknown. Seiðrkolva respects the gods, but does not openly worship them. She disdains Urgathoa's gluttonous ways and openly praises the manipulations of Asmodeus, but specifies that she follows neither.   Surprisingly, she does not despise Pharasma or her followers despite standing for everything the Goddess of Death hates. Followers of Pharasma that set out to fight Seiðrkolva are given more warning than any other clergy, and if they persist in their attacks, are often spared mercy or granted less harsh deaths. They are also never raised as undead.

Social Aptitude

Charismatic and intelligent to dangerous levels, Seiðrkolva is one of Iskaldhal's most silver-tongued fiends. It is said she's capable of talking even a dragon into her bed, were she ever to want to do so, without even a word of magic. This is tempered by a violent ego and a horrendous temper easily spiked by mentions of her 'rival'.

Wealth & Financial state

Her treasures fill nigh-endless vaults beneath Foldauth's surface, guarded jealously by the strongest of her undead minions. Daring treasure-hunters who slip inside will quickly fall into awestricken silence at the sight of the cursed treasures. The moment stolen is enough for Seiðrkolva's dearest pet - an undead dragon formed lovingly into a Ravager - to claim these idiots' lives. Seiðrkolva finds amusement in turning their corpses and souls into new works of art soaked in molten metals and studded with gems, letting them rest forever in her treasure-halls until the arrival of the next victims.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Female, usually
Hollow sockets filled with burning blue fire.
Bright silver threaded with chains of gleaming diamonds.
Known Languages
If it exists on the Material Plane, she probably speaks it (or at least knows some words of it).

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