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  Undeath is a state that comes beyond death, as driven by powerful necromancy. It is a state of corruption upon the soul condemned to undeath, and one that may happen entirely spontaneously.   It is rare that the undead, as they are known as, are ever created in a consistent manner. Areas of darker magic will often reanimate the dead by latent energy alone, whilst elsewhere, undead may create more of their kind - as vampires do, for instance. Necromancers, whether divine or arcane in nature, raise the undead as their minions, and may lose control of their creations.   Some rare mortals will feel so overwhelmed by their own death that they will be unable to move on to their afterlives, and will instead stay in the mortal world as undead. This is most common for ghosts and sometimes lingerlights, but particularly strong emotions may lead to the creation of specific undead. Banshees, for instance, are born from female elves that died in circumstances of betrayal.
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