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Kingdoms of the Eastern Realms

There is a certain romantic charm to the four kingdoms, particularly the Kingdom of Brisland. Noble lords, brave knights, and holy warriors all spark the imagination. It all seams to gleam like the sun glinting off the plate armor of one of the order's brother-paladins. But once you get past the pomp and pageantry, the truth beneath is much darker. Baeleron Marcovici
In the eastern realms, there stands four kingdoms that dominate the lands from the Sea of Mist south to the river lands of the Rikenians. This land of mountains, forests, and rivers were - not long ago - a place of tribal feuds and marauding warriors. The peoples of this region only just started to build permanent settlements roughly eighteen hundred years ago. Before that, the disparate tribes would wander the land - settling for some time in one place before moving on. Over time, they began to settle on the coastal plains and along the river basins. They built villages and farmed the land. Still the tribes fought over lands, resources, and ideologies. But with time, the region slowly became more civilized. Over the last thousand years, independent city-states and small kingdoms gradually banded together. Now there stands the four kingdoms of the east: Argastilan, Remaria, Brisland, and Teugoras.

Eastern Kingdoms




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The Kingdom of Brisland



Brisland is a mostly agrarian kingdom that lies on the southern coast in the east of Istaria. It is bordered by Remaria to the West, Teugoras to the East, and Argastilan to the North. Protected to the north and west by mountain ranges and thick forests, Brisland enjoys a geographic isolation despite sharing its borders with three other nations.

Founded in 451 I.R. with the Brisland Unification, the kingdom has for the last four centuries existed in relative peace despite several isolated conflicts. Its history is less peaceful, as it was formed over the course of over a century of conflicts which drove the kingdoms of Brisburgh, Riverton, Northampton, and Halsingly to unite under one banner.
I once met a woman in Brisburgh with long blond locks which cascaded over her shoulders like a waterfall of molten gold. She carried herself with a confidence more alluring even than the supple curves of her body. She was so entrancing I was almost not concerned that she was the King's wife when I took her into my bed. Baeleron Marcovici
The Kingdom of Brisland is a feudal monarchy where noble lords and their knights rule over the land. It is a pious kingdom with strong ties to the Temple of the Divines. It is also host to many of the Temple's Orders-Militant. The common people are normally content plying their trades or working the land, oblivious to the convoluted political machinations that are occurring among the nobility.

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Fisher's War


Historical Events

The history of the Kingdom is rife with conflicts over land, resources, and power. Most notable in recent memory of these is The Kingslayer Rebellion. Other conflicts in the region's past include The Fisher's War, The Riverton Raids, and The Greenfields War.

Important Organizations

The Kingdom of Brisland is divided into three duchies and a march. The capitol of the kingdom is the city of Brisburgh, the seat of the Duchy of Brisburgh and home to the king himself. To the southwest lies the Duchy of Riverton, and to the northwest the Duchy of Northampton. In the east lies The Halsingly March, a military governorship on paper - but a land mostly administered as a traditional duchy would be.

Notable Personalities

The central personage of the Kingdom is the king himself, Francis Leopold III. He is aided in his administration of the kingdom by dukes Faustus Leopold of Northampton - his uncle - and Elias Bartledge of Riverton. The Halsingly March is currently in the hands of Gerald Kelgrove. Another key figure in Riverton is Baelon Haywich, Grand Justicar of the Order of the Golden Stag.   Other persons of note include Adrienn Jager and Liam Cobb.

Greenfields War




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Baeleron in his study cropped


Baeleron Says...

Because i was born in Remaria - and spent most of my childhood traveling the four kingdoms - this land will always be home to me. It is incredible to think that not long ago these lands were untamed wilderness. While much of it remains so, the civilizations that have blossomed here in so short a time are impressive. My people shun the cities, but i always found them to be fascinating.


When the caravan first traveled to Riverton to trade at one of their harvest festivals, I was but a young child. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. The massive stone keep with its towers reaching into the sky reflected in the sparkling waters of the river was breathtaking. The sprawl of buildings seemed to dominate the land, yet still one could tell that the wend of the city streets conformed to the contours of the terrain. It was as if the city was one with the land, rather than having overtaken it.   Still, I prefer to spend my time in a small town when I journey back here. Glenshire will always be one of my favorites. The village is quaint, and the people there are charming. I try to stop by whenever I pass through. I haven't been back in so long...

The Temple of the Divines

Another important faction in the region of the four kingdoms is the Temple of the Divines, a major religion originating from these lands. The reach of the Temple has spread since its humble origins almost fifteen hundred years ago, but Brisland remains the heart of the religion. The Temple is present in both the Principality of Remaria and in Teugoras. They have footholds in the eastern portion of the Marsden Empire, Argastilan, and Ghalt.

The militant arm of the Temple, the Orders-Militant, extend the reach and influence of the faith greatly. The Orders are groups of independent military organizations who owe their primary allegiance to the Temple of the Divines itself. While all ostensibly answer to the Grand Speaker; each order is an autonomous entity with its own rules, customs, and goals. Notable among the Orders are the Order of the Golden Stag and the Order of the Burning Lance.

Order Militant




Historical Events

  The Kingslayer Rebellion  

Important Organizations

  Kingdom of Brisland
Duchy of Brisburgh
Duchy of Northampton
Duchy of Riverton
The Halsingly March
Temple of the Divines
Order of the Golden Stag
Order of the Burning Lance

Notable Personalities

  Francis Leopold III
Faustus Leopold
Elias Bartledge
Gerald Kelgrove
Adrienn Jager
Liam Cobb
Baelon Haywich
Callum Ulthredson

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