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Faustus Leopold

Duke of Northampton (a.k.a. The Crow)

Faustus Leopold is the uncle of King Francis Leopold III and duke of Northampton. He was born eighteen years after his older brother, the late king Francis Leopold II, to the second wife of their father - who was quite younger than her husband. When the former Duke of Northampton died without leaving a male heir, Francis II appointed his brother as the new Duke. Faustus quickly established himself as a firm ruler of the duchy that had in recent years become something of a thorn in the side of the kingdom. Production shortfalls, tax collection issues, and the morale of the peasantry were all concerns that Faustus set about correcting with an iron fist. Although many people look upon him with spite, he has turned what was once an inefficient burden on the kingdom's economy into an example of economic success.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Faustus is a slightly heavyset man, although he is not overweight to the degree of physical distress. He handles a sword well enough, although he never took a liking to the military arts. Because of the time spend in court or at the meal table, he does not tend to devote much time to physical exercise. He enjoys his station in life with an indulgence in both food and drink, and his form reflects this.

Facial Features

Faustus has a beard which is shortly trimmed on the sides yet extends to a long point under his chin. His hairline is receding, but his mane retains its russet color with little sign of graying. He keeps the top and sides pulled into a tight ponytail, while the back flows down to his shoulders.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a young mother and nearly elderly father who was always preoccupied with matters of state, Faustus quickly grew to be a troublemaker and a bully. His only male role models came in the form of his tutors, none of whom he respected other than a stern magistrate who did not fear the noble blood of his young student and would regularly respond to any kind of outburst with a slap to the face or the lash of a leather strap. Faustus' mother objected to such treatment, but the king placed trust in the magistrate to show his young son the firm hand he needed to change his ways. In 830 I.R., Faustus was named Duke of Northampton and took this background of firm discipline and short-tempered intolerance for failure with him to the northern duchy.

Mental Trauma

Repeated beatings from his magistrate tutor as a child may have reformed his rebellious ways, but Faustus has born those lessons to heart and passes them along to all those around him. He tolerates no excuse, and no failure goes unpunished. He even seems to revel in dictating the fates of those he sees as failing the kingdom, and often will dispense with corporal punishment personally.

Intellectual Characteristics

Faustus spends most of his time in court, overseeing or even personally administrating to judicial issues of the duchy. He devotes himself to the running of his holdings, and spends little time on diversion. He is stern and not prone to laughter - nor a fan of it from others. Some say he is always angry, and few would argue that this is not the truth.

Morality & Philosophy

Faustus Leopold is a man who values results above all other concerns. He sees a job to be done, and is concerned only with how quickly and efficiently this can be accomplished. The emotional well-being of others does not concern him, and he even seems to not understand concepts of mental distress when presented with them. Loyalty to the realm is important to him, but only insofar as it serves his own desires. He demands much of his subjects, and cares not how many backs are broken in the pursuit of his goals.

Faustus Leopold Heraldry
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Northampton
Year of Birth
796 (2401 years old)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Long, russet
250 lbs
Other Affiliations

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