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Liam Cobb

Liam Cobb is the son of a grain farmer, born in the village of Glenshire in Brisland. He is now working as a town guard in the city of Northampton under a mandatory four-year conscription. Liam is an affable fellow, liked by many of his peers. He has learned to look after himself, but is not adverse to going out of his way to help others as long as there's no chance of him getting hurt or in trouble in the process.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Liam is in good health, slender and athletic if not muscular. He lived a common life where food was not always in abundance, and he continues to maintain a frugal diet despite the opportunities for indulgence presented by city life. He drinks occasionally with his fellow guardsmen, but does not normally partake more than he can handle with a level head.

Facial Features

Liam is clean shaven, although he often exhibits a shadowy stubble. His features are soft and pleasing to members of both sexes, and he does not appear imposing or threatening in any way. He has a charming smile and a sparkle of youthful enthusiasm in his eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Liam had a typical upbringing, playing in the fields as a child and later working in them as a young adult. His father was a grain farmer, and taught him the ways of the land. He also grew up spending time in the nearby forest hunting for wild game to help feed his family. A close friend of his as a child was Adrienn Jager, son of the local Earl.   Although throughout much of the kingdom the nobility and commoners don't associate, Glenshire is a very small village and Adrienn's father was considered a man of the people. Adrienn was allowed to roam the village market and even the fields, and the two boys became fast friends. They spent a lot of time together learning woodcraft, and Liam was also invited to the Earl's household to join in with Adrienn in some of his lessons. Although Liam never took to learning letters or mathematics, he excelled during training sessions with the bow, spear, and sword. In 848 I.R. Liam was randomly selected via village lottery to travel to Northampton to serve out a mandatory four-year term in the city guard.   Since his arrival in Northampton, Liam has been troubled by what he sees around him. He had never traveled to the city before, and is still put at unease by the mass of people around him. More unsettling is the heavy-handed governance of the duke of Northampton, which Liam is privy to often in the performance of duties such as escorting tax collectors as they go about their rounds.


As mentioned above, Liam studied alongside his friend Adrienn in the Earl's household. While the boys didn't have access to the variety of tutors available to some of the higher ranking lords of the kingdom, they were given private lessons from the local Temple's Speaker. They were also taught history, politics, and weapon-craft from the Earl himself.


Liam currently works as a city guard in the city of Northampton, two years into a four-year term. He is reluctant to fill this role, but willing to do his duty. He does not excel at his work, and often the brutal demands of the duke's magistrates pushes him to the limits of what he feels is right. He constantly struggles with questions of duty versus morality; and yearns to return home to the fields, his family, and his friends.


Social Aptitude

Liam is a very charismatic young man, not given to being flirtatious but attracting the attention of the ladies despite this. Much of his charm is born of a naive innocence. He is often in a jovial mood, but given to bouts of brooding when considering the darker truths of life.


When nervous, Liam tends to run his hand through his hair. The more concerned he is, the more roughly he will do this. Upon occasions of extreme anxiety, he will ruffle his hair violently as if trying to kick-start his brain into finding a way to deal with the situation. At these times he might also be heard muttering to himself "Think, damnit!" or some similar plea.   When embarrassed, Liam will crack a grin that some might say seems mischievous. Most often this presents when approached by a woman, a situation he is not normally comfortable with. His embarrassed reaction will often illicit more interest, compounding the situation which caused the reaction in the first place.

Year of Birth
828 H.E. 2369 Years old
Current Residence
Brown, medium length
175 lbs
Aligned Organization
Duchy of Northampton
Other Affiliations

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