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Adrienn Jager

Baron of Glenshire (a.k.a. The Golden Fox)

Adrienn Jager is the affable baron of Glenshire, a small village to the south of Northampton. He is a friendly lord, considered by many to be a man of the people - much as his father was. It is not unlikely to see him wandering the village or even the fields, and at times he will even lend a hand to a farmer in need. He has no children of his own, but is fond of them and often plays games of war with the children of the village.  

"Ah! A mortal blow has been struck. What great knight has struck me down? Tell me your name, good sir, so that I might sing your praises in the afterlife!"   Adrienn Jager - overheard while feigning death after a blow from a seven-year-old child's stick.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Adrienn is in prime physical condition. His youth spent outdoors playing, hunting, hiking, and training to fight have shaped him into a specimen of perfect health. He continues an active lifestyle, walking the village grounds almost daily and playing roughly with the children on the village green. He is always present at the local games-militant when held in Northampton, and he has had occasion to travel to the royal games in Brisburgh twice. He is often champion of at least one event, if not several, and word of his prowess has spread as far as Tommen's March.

Facial Features

Adrienn would not be considered ugly by many, but would be considered handsome by far fewer people. His face is covered in shallow scars. Some were gained in the forest as a youth from unlucky falls, others in the games from unlucky blows of a lance. There is a burn scar and some sharp gouges on his left temple that accentuates the rest, gained saving a man from a fire in the mill not two summers ago.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adrienn grew up in the household of his father, Ashton Jager, Baron of Glenshire. Their home is a simple manor set upon a hill overlooking the village, not far from their people. While other nobles might hold away behind walls, the Jager home is open and the fields between it and the rest of the village are a favorite spot of children and adults alike to lounge in.   Because of his father's love of the common folk, Adrienn spent more time playing with the village children and roaming the land than he did cooped away in the manor endeavoring after his studies or training with the blade. This is how he came to befriend a farmer's son just a year younger than himself, Liam Cobb. The two spent many long days roaming the countryside, and as teenagers learned to master the nearby forest together. They both became adept hunters, masters of both the bow and the spear, and formed a lifelong bond of brotherhood that surpasses the limits of blood relations.   After his father became feeble of the mind in 845 I.R., Adrienn took over the title of baron and the administration of his family's holdings. Despite his young age, he was respected by the common folk because he had grown up among them. Other barons, and even the duke, looked down upon his early inheritance. He soon proved a capable lord, ensuring that his lands produced record harvests and administering to any and all issues that might arise within the jurisdiction of his rule.


Adrienn was educated by the local Speaker of the Temple of the Divines in his father's home, taught to read and write and of matters of the spirit. He learned of history, although he was never fond of the subject. His father taught him all he now knows about the governance of the family holding. His father also put a sword in his hand at an early age and personally taught him not how to fight, but as he put it "How to defend your subjects."

Intellectual Characteristics

Adrienn is a friendly, kindhearted man who cares deeply for his people. Having grown up walking the farm fields and village roads, he considers all those in Glenshire to be extended family. He is dutiful to his responsibilities, but when he does find time he will spend long days in the forest alone hunting game. He longs to share this time with his friend Liam, but must wait two more years for the young farmer's son to finish his duties in the city of Northampton.
Adrienn has yet to take a wife, and has never had a serious relationship with a woman. While he is not the most handsome man in the realms, he is not hideous to look upon either. This, combined with his charm and station in life, should make finding a suitable partner relatively easy. Questions have been raised about whether he even wishes to marry. Despite his closeness to his people, these questions are not raised where he can hear them.

Earl of Glenshire
Glenshire Heraldry by B.K. Bass
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Baron of Glenshire
Year of Birth
827 (2370 years old)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Blond, long with a single braid.
200 lbs
Aligned Organization
Duchy of Northampton
Other Affiliations

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