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Glenshire is a village that supports a number of farmsteads and forestry hamlets to the southwest of Northampton. It lies to the south of the city, across the Brist River from the town of Halston and just a day's walk north of Briarbrook. There is a village square with a small well that is often used for gatherings such as market days. The square is ringed with an assortment of homes, workshops, and a few businesses - including one tavern; The Idle Plow.
You know it's gonna be a good day when you smell the Idle Plow's fried taters in the morning air.
From there most of the village buildings consist of homes, granaries, and warehouses. The baron's manor sits on a gentle hill between the river and the village, overlooking the demesne of the lord. Although the choice of location for the manor was originally so that the local lord could be above his subjects, in recent generations the grassy hill before the wide home has become a favorite spot for village gatherings.

Glenshire Map


Like most settlements in the Duchy of Northampton, the inhabitants of Glenshire are a mix of Rikenian and old mountain tribe blood. As mostly an agricultural and forestry hub, the types of work available in the village include woodcutting, furniture making, warehouse labor, and an assortment of food preservation professions. There are also ample farm fields just outside the village itself. The population is primarily of working age, although there are a number of older residents and a larger-than-usual number of children.
Of course we make a lot of babies. What else is there to do for fun around here?


The local baron - Adrienn Jager - is in charge of the administration, law enforcement, and protection of the village. There is also a local constabulary that assists with keeping the peace, consisting of one constable - who is the Baron's eyes and ears among the village - and six professional soldiers.   The Baron's loyalty is sworn directly to the Duke of Northampton, Faustus Leopold; although like every lord in the kingdom he has also sworn an oath of loyalty to King Francis Leopold III. There are five landed knights who oversee smaller holdings near Glenshire that have sworn fealty to the Baron.


In addition to the Baron himself and the constulabary of seven professional guards, the village can be expected to call upon at least fifty able men to fight in her defense or to serve a call to arms from the Duke. The Baron also has at his own call five landed knights, each of whom can be expected to bring with them up to five men-at-arms and a levy of one or two-dozen local men.


Glenshire acts as a hub for the surrounding area, although it does produce a respectable amount of its own foodstuffs from both local farming and hunting. There is also a prominent leather and fur trading presence in the village. Primarily it acts as a gathering place for both the people and the goods of surrounding farmsteads, hamlets, and manors. There is active trade in the market as locals exchange surplus goods for those they need. The town is best known for producing refined goods from the raw timber logged nearby, most notably fine quality furniture. While much of the surplus agricultural product and raw timber is sent to the Duke as a tax payment, traders from across the Kingdom and beyond have a demand for furniture made by the skilled craftsmen of Glenshire. The coin that flows into the village from the sale of such goods does much to bolster the economy, as most of the furniture makers are not shy about spending the coin.
There's just something to be said about a quality chair. You never appreciate sitting so much then when you don't have a good chair. Baeleron Marcovici


The infrastructure of Glenshire is very simple. There are several granaries and warehouses for the gathering of goods from the surrounding lands. While some of these goods are used to sustain the local area, much of it is sent to Northampton as taxes to the Duke. The village also boasts a well, roads running to the north and south, and there is a small wooden bridge across the river for direct travel to Halston that is large enough to support a horse-drawn cart.



Almost every building in the village is made of simple wood planks or logs. Most have a cobbled stone foundation, but there are quite a few that simply have wooden floors. Flooding is a concern should the river ever overflow its banks enough to edge around the north side of Baron's Hill, so most of those that do not have a cobbled foundation have the wood floor elevated a foot or two off the ground by stilts. As snow is a regular occurrence here, the roofs of the buildings have a significant cant to them.

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Adrienn Jager
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Duchy of Northampton
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Notable Personalities

Adrienn Jager
Character | Dec 11, 2018

Adrienn Jager is the affable baron of Glenshire, a small village to the south of Northampton.

Liam Cobb
Character | Dec 11, 2018

Liam Cobb is the son of a grain farmer, born in the village of Glenshire in Brisland.


The Golden Fox

Adrienn Jager is the baron of Glenshire. He is a friendly lord, considered by many to be a man of the people - much as his father was. Because of his father's love of the common folk, Adrienn spent more time playing with the village children and roaming the land than he did cooped away in the manor. It is not unlikely to see him wandering the village, the fields, or playing with the children on the village green to this day. Adrienn is a friendly, kindhearted man who cares deeply for his people. He considers all those in Glenshire to be extended family, and he is dutiful to his responsibilities.
Adrienn Jager

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