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Alternate Thaouta

To keep the DPO from being caught by the Kourian Dominion, the DPO was hidden within an parallel world known as Alternate Thaouta. In this parallel world, things are not as they seem. For starters, the only building remaining intact is the DP Facility, which is located atop a lonely mountain in a country that would be known as Leigrebath on the main Thaouta.   The alternate world is overrun by plants and other forms of nature, while the only sentient beings are the DPO agents, who have managed to make peace with nature. Nature controls all that breathes and walks. On any given map of the mirror world, the countries are marked out, but only for reference. Yet, the maps are always in the form of biomes, showing where forests or grasslands reside, as well as mountains.   For DPO members to gain access to the alternate Thaouta, they have to use their time watches to rip a hole in the fabric of space-and-time, while also not causing reality to fall in on itself. The DPO agents were astounded by what they first saw and called in a mirror world to their own, just with nature ruling instead of the stroansians.
Map of Alternate Thaouta
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