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They are the offspring of a human and a grosant. They are usually peaceful beings and they work hard to protect their family, especially their human parent, and stroansians usually want to kill them for soiling themselves by procreating with a grosant.   Some oxlians are said to be heartless creatures with no soul, but that is far from the truth. Oxlians are very sensitive beings and most only want to be loved if their human parent banishes them to the streets.
*Fun fact: Oxlians are also weak for any food that is spicy since they have a hard time swallowing regular food. The spicier the food, the better as spicy food is one of the few types of food they can actually taste.
When one stalks through the night, they become a lover of the dark and everything that comes with it--magickal things and nightly things. And they find sanctuary in its shadows.
— Unknown


Most oxlians appear human with pale white or unnaturally dark skin and dark hair. Upon meeting their mate, they gain black, feathery wings or even bat wings. The wings are located behind the shoulder blades and can easily retract into the skin to help the oxlians appear completely human. The one trait with these wings is that their bones become hollow and light, allowing them better flight.  
Aiden looked at his reflection in the mirror. He hated being pale a ghost with soulless eyes and a mess of black hair that only made him look sickly. He squared his shoulders and unfurled his silvery-black wings from his shoulder blades. He spread them out, letting the feathers straighten themselves out. As he stared at his reflection. a revelation came to mind...   "I still look like an undead monster."
— Book 1: Hidden Secrets


Oxlians have powers that resemble the darkness of their demonic heritage:

  • Shadow-Travel
  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Flight
    • only after learning who their mate is and falling in love with them
    • they are flightless if they reject their mate or their mate rejects them
    • the wings are usually leathery with bony appendages, but some can contain dark-colored feathers

Genetic Descendants

Oxlians can't really have any other children other than with another oxlian or a mundane, even if their partner is an essetid. Now, if an oxlians sleeps with a dialese, they may have a mundane child blessed with very little oxlian powers.

Quick Facts






Grosant Culture

Oxlian Traits

Oxlians share certain species traits as a result of their heritage.  
  • Ability score increase: Strength score increases by 2, and two other abilities increase by 1.
  • Age: Mortal. Age once every year.
  • Alignment: Any, but oxlians tend toward chaotic.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Speed: 30 (walk) / 60 (dash)
  • TBN. as.
  • TBN. as
  • TBN. as
  • TBN. as
  • Languages: Common, Grosant, + 1 other language

Common Backgrounds



Oxlians are looked down upon by the stroansians, essetids, and humans. Over 90% of these species see oxlians as a threat; beings who are bent on taking over the world through vulgar and deadly ways. Most essetids and humans are taught as children that oxlians eat babies for breakfast, further cementing their abhorent image into the minds of the young generation.


This has yet to be proven, even young essetids and humans are shown "videos" and various other images depicting oxlians eating babies, preferably newborns "stolen from hospitals."

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