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The Custodians

"Unmatched Keepers of all Knowledge..."

The Custodians   Within the walls of Varumae lies an enormous tower of learning, The Tower of Light, where the greatest historians in the world are trained. Those who graduate from it become fully "notarized" Custodians, and they are both respected and feared throughout the land, for they have been handed arcane knowledge to which only their order has access. The Custodians practice a form of wizardry based upon this knowledge, and the limits of their power is unknown.   Many are previously graduates of a college of magic. Think of Custodial training as a graduate school of sorts. They live by their own codes, which are clandestine and are as complex as they are unpredictable. Punishment for a Custodian who violates the code (in any way) is death. At this point in history, it seems the Custodians are the only ones who still find active interest in Mount Celene.   They are the "keepers of the light," the grand recorders of all knowledge in the land. Though they are based in Varuumae Corona, they swear fealty to no lord, and act as an independent nation unto themselves (within their Tower of Light, which also serves as their home).  



Theirs is a rigid hierarchy based upon seniority, with a High Custodian overseeing a council of eight Greater Custodians. The current High Custodian is the Solti half-elf, "High Overseer & Master of the Order, Inlan Orotuss Veligrist II"

Public Agenda

To preserve and document all the combined histories and knowledge of the world within the Tower of Light.


The custodians have their own private security force, comprised of Custodians with special training in the martial arts.


It seems like the Custodians have always been around, and indeed they may have. However, they came to Varuumae Corona shortly after its founding (post Sundering). Though magically inclined, they were not part of the grand exodus of northern mages, rather they seemed to just appear, as if they wandered from The Wastes of Veric.   They assumed their position in the magical city without any debate or incident. They arrived simply as if they belonged there. The first Grand Hassir accepted them without question. Those of a conspiratorial bent sometimes say the Custodians blanketed the city in a dark charm, bending its peoples to their will. But no sane person truly believes this... Right?

"Fear Not The Unknown For Soon It Shall Pass."

Founding Date
5 D.E.
Research, Council
Varuumae Corona
Alternative Names
The Librarians of Varuum
The Custodians
Parent Organization
The Custodians
Subsidiary Organizations
Varuumae Corona
Controlled Territories
Related Myths

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