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Tullup'aki (Tulip-ah-kee)

by hughpierre

Mallku Tullu p'aki (a.k.a. Ullawanka)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Disability

Innoit reports emphasize Tullup'aki's wisdom, cunning, and mastery of strategy and tactics in battle. But there has also been various descriptions of some or many physical disabilities that have never been confirmed.

Body Features


Tullup'aki has an overly large forehead, bulging eyes and comparatively small chin.
According to the portions set by the gods, it is obvious that his head is too big for the rest of his body. Either, he tripped so many times during his journeys that is head is now all swelling. Or he has been marked as the inhuman disrupter that he is.


Stunted Legs
In truth: Both of Tullu p'aki's legs grew as if they were broken all his life and never healed.
In truth: Tullu p'aki has only one arm. And it is long enough to be the length of two.

Physical quirks


Tullup'aki possesses a very awkward gait. His legs appear to bend inward and will more often collide with each other while trying to walk normally. Instead, he groups his stunted legs together with his extra long arm for both to act in the way of legs. His walking style forces him to perpetually lean into his right side which further exasperates his spinal issues.

Special abilities

Salt Spells

When energies, internal to living things, are conducted through salt, different spells can be performed.

Apparel & Accessories

Aside from a loose salt soaked tunic he somtimes wears, Tullup'aki is known to freely walk around his camps and tunnels in the nude.

Specialized Equipment

Salt Suit

Through his travels, Tullup'aki learned of a special brand of magic unknown to his countrymen.   With the salt suit easily being his favourite; as it aided in solving his mobility issues by encasing his torso and limbs in salt through which he could move more freely.

Mental characteristics




To hear him tell it: A sympathetic foreigner had taken him in and offered him home and council.   For ten years, they had travelled to exotic places the rest of his fellows would never know and learned techniques and magics his opponents would never know themselves.


Contacts & Relations

Tullu would establish and maintain many good relations with the native swingers.   He would share meals with many clans, partake in ritual celebrations and convince many of them to act as auxiliary forces during his own campaigns. It would be through them, that his Black Flames would gain similarity with the tunnels of the Fall Wall.
It is rare for a tinge train to make its way through the Fall Wall. But when the do, Tullu went out of his way to make them welcomed.   In the higher aspects of his war, he always sought to buy as much as he could from the witches; partially to endear himself more to them, but mostly to deny their trade to his rivals.

Religious Views

Black Flames

This guerilla faction conducts hit-and-run across the Ribs and operates primarily from the Fall Wall. Many of its members follow Tullup'aki with a cult-like devotion as if he were some living war god.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Zikzi
  • King Vulture
Circumstances of Birth
Born Malformed
Current Residence
Fall Wall
Short and Black
Other Affiliations
Organization | Nov 12, 2022

Cover image: Inca Pattern by Charlotte Delannoy
Character Portrait image: Placeholder Man by Annie Stein


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