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Salt Suit


Conventionally thought of as a type of armor; the true defensive potential of the suit lies in its reactivity. Incoming attacks are intercepted automatically though a basic white salt suit may only offer so-much protection.   The 'spirit' outlines the natural positioning of the body. Lining that 'spirit' with salt increases situational awareness to an instinctive level. It is this line of thinking that makes snake swords possible. It is also what makes it possible for amputees encased in the salt to reacquire a temporary salty limb to complete their salt suit.  


This is the technique for isolating the body-encompassing salt suit spell into the aforementioned phantom limb that grants mobility to the disabled capable of salt spells.
Reaper of souls by Terence CANTAL

Snake Sword

This can be thought of as an extension of the lix spell; though one does not need to be an amputee to cast it. The appendage manifests as a whip-like construct of such flexibility and long reach with the cutting power of a sword.
all sorts of fancy tricks can be done with them while cutting people to pieces.
— perception of the macehualtin

Side/Secondary Effects

Prolonged activation of a salt suit around a person can gradually increase the temperature to the point of being uncomfortable. But it can become unbearable if the wearer pushes too much. In some circumstances, one's flesh can be seen blister, blacken and crackle once the then melting and fused salt pieces are removed. So be mindful.


A salt suit resembles a monochrome landscape wrapped around the torso. There are bumps and caverns and the suit often is crumbly, particularly with beginners. Rivers of salt move between the breasts, over joints, down the legs and other parts like arteries; this helps in maintaining the overall form.   Most of them are coloured white from the white salt that is the baseline; but for others who have access to the more exotic salt, their salt suit might be coloured differently to showcase status or glitter rainbows in battle in a display of combat ability and wealth.


At its simplest, the salt suit works when the castor has reached a certain level of competency in maintaining the salt (white) pressing on their bodies. Even for those who can afford to add additional salts, manipulating the white salt is essential in activating those extra salt.   Once one has attained a level of mastery, it can become apparent that the wearer's own imagination limits a salt suit to the humanoid form. If one can 'feel' an extra limb, or project their spirit in such a way, the salt would naturally realign itself to manifest that limb. This opens the field to new means of attacking enemies.

Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021
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Material Components
White salt is the most common and most stable choice as a base. Combined with a degree of rarer salts induces additional desirable qualities to aid the wearer. For example:
  • Pink or Flower salt provides a level of thermal control;
  • Green promotes healing to some extent;
  • Red salt adds more offensive options;
  • Black Salt has repeatedly proven to be unstable for conventional salt spells but brave masters of the suits have attempted small scale incorporation
Related Discipline
Iztanamacaque of the Alignment
Related School
Salt School
Related Element
Minimum 3 stones of Salt
Effect Duration
For as long as the caster can maintain his/her concentration
Effect Casting Time
It takes about as long as the caster can enter into the proper meditiative state. That can either take time or be instant.
Applied Restriction
White salt is a perfect and the only underlining base salt to have because of cost, availability and ease at which it reacts to teotl. Though many have experimented, no other type of salt is suitable for this role.

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Cover image: A Monument of Sand by Halil Ural


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