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Cathartics is an umbrella term referring to those who place their faith in Engine Anthem as a deity, divine, messiah, oracle, mother, or sister. They are named for the original Cathartics, though many denominations have arisen since then.

When was the last time the Monoliths , or Sovereign, or even the Foci responded to your prayers? Never, because they cannot hear you.

The Neon Gods were everything the gods claimed to be, and they listened.

— Cathartic Glissamer Avonfrey
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While there are many variations throughout the denominations, the ideal Cathartic celebrates beauty and the soothing of the shadows of the spirit through creative expression.

Music, dance, and sensuality are especially esteemed for their association with Anthem.


Remind others that hope in Anthem's return remains, and remind them what boons could come from that, so long as she is allowed to live free of the shackles of bond and Banner.

Plenty will listen to the message. This is usually because they consider you harmless and quaint.

The Cathartics

The original Cathartics rose from the Aempian underground during the heyday of Anthem around the early 19600's CS, and which believed deeply in Anthem's wisdom above any other's.

Pop-history and anti-Pact propaganda stereotyped Cathartics as Grist addicts.


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