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GHG Session 17: Gallery of Horrors

General Summary

Month 9, Week 2, Year 918
  The night's session began with a kitchen throwdown, the Fortunate Five fending off the shadowy kitchen staff of Ivasar Acres. The head chef hurled insults and flaming kebabs at the adventurers, but him and his crew of line cooks were defeated in a matter of seconds. Windred read the last shade's mind in its dying moments, learning the name of the mansion's owner: Ryuna Ivasar.    A snobbish high elf with a penchant for artwork, the ghostly version of himself was hellbent on trapping the party within the ruins of the mansion. Rooms became heavily obscured with dense fog, doors turned into mere illusions, driving Argus to the point of madness when he discovered a disheveled and starving version of himself at the doorway's end. Conversations with Ryuna proved enlightening within the paintings, revealing a nobleman confident in his control over the guests at his estate. He bragged about how Bianca Avon (now reanimated as a wraith) had discovered a new patron for the ghosts of the Elflands, one that would make the tyranny of Polonius Avon III look like a benevolent paradise in comparison. Believing that elves deserved to be the rightful overlords of all the races in Pescaliat, he proved to be generous enough to strike a bargain with Argus and promised to let at least one adventurer leave the manor with their life intact.    After so many painting-induced visions of this demented spirit throughout the mansion, the party became dead-set on defeating Ryuna as fast as possible. Bubbles helped set up shelter for the group to rest and recover, meanwhile the rest of the Fortunate Five investigated the library for any leads on the otherworldly beings that Bianca may be cavorting with. No breakthroughs were discovered, but Phaedra befriended an animated copy of Strange Occurrences on the Continent of Pescat by Horatio Elsin. Much of the writing proved dense and unwelcoming to a casual reader, but Phaedra stroked the book's spine enough to calm it down and make it another pet in her menagerie (much to Smasher's chagrin).    Zan'kiri's familiar Varshi helped navigate the more darkened corridors of the manor, and Ysmyrelda's caution proved invaluable to stop the group from treading into dangerous territory. The party discovered some valuable items and relics around the estate, but they were small comfort to the fact that the mansion's owner wanted them dead by the night's end. There'd be plenty of time to explore the manor once Ryuna was defeated, so the group agreed to rush up the manor's tower in the east wing to vanquish this spirit once and for all.

Rewards Granted

Character(s) interacted with

  • Ryuna Ivasar - the spectral owner of Ivasar Acres, obsessed with elven hegemony and artwork
  • Vegha - the dragonborn spirit inside Argus' bracers

Report Date
13 Jul 2021
Primary Location
Featured Players


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