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GHG Session 16: Adventures in Free Real Estate

General Summary

Month 9, Week 2, Year 918
  Tired from a night of fighting with a sahuagadile, the party pressed on with their journey through the Imperial Marshes to deal with the spirits haunting Ivasar Acres. The Fortunate Five rested through the night and sailed in shifts, Frogina passing the time by peppering Zan'kiri with questions about his necromantic powers. Bubbles had an encounter with their patron Mórolingwe, learning more about their elemental powers granted by this guardian of the sea. They told Ys all about this meeting, the half-elf trying to tow the line between supportive and suspicious.   Upon landing the party had Frogina wait for them in the marshes, allowing her to head back to the Landharbor if they weren't back by the week's end. They marched forward for most of the day, camping about ten miles away from the mansion's ruins before dealing with the hauntings next morning. Windred revealed her kalashtar lineage to the entire party that morning, explaining how Craghan seemed to be obsessed with the quori spirit co-habiting with her soul. The group was unanimous in its disgust of Craghan's creepy tattoos, perhaps one day they would confront the gith for his harassment if they could figure out where he was working from.   The camp watch that night was rather uneventful, save for a single ghost warning the party to abandon its quest against the region's hauntings. Argus and Zan'kiri both averted their gaze when the spirit revealed its horrifying visage, but it was too late for Bubbles who aged 20 years in a matter of seconds. These spirits held terrifying powers, and the party made the decision that the financial rewards outweighed the risks to their health.   Ivasar Acres stood at the top of a hill and avoided the worst of the Sunken God's flooding, but the manor's defenses did little to stop the sahuagin horde that ravaged the region twenty years ago. Phaedra learned more about the manor's inhabitants by traveling into several enchanted paintings around the estate, having conversations with the family's patriarch about Bianca's vision for unleashing a new era of elven hegemony. Ivasar Acres would prove to be the party's greatest challenge to date, clearing out a single room of spirits nearly killed Argus with half a dozen shades haunting the dining hall. Everybody survived the fight, but there was still a kitchen worth exploring just a few feet away...

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08 Jul 2021
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