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The Sursă are one of the most influential and powerful families in all of Vallaki, having been around since the inception of the city itself. Even from their humble beginnings the Sursă were a thorn in the side of law enforcement as they were never able to bring down the narcotics empire they have built. Unlike the other families in Vallaki, the Sursă have never branched out from their specialty, instead choosing to hone their trade and their products, producing stronger and stronger drugs while remaining incredibly difficult to catch and bring down.   Every soul lost in the haze of euphoria in the Shadow Square have the Sursă to thank for ridding them of their pain. Every noble and decadent party indulging in the illegal goods have the Sursă. Every drug, every narcotic, come straight from the family. To say they have an iron grip on the trade would be a vast understatement.   The potency of their narcotics have only increased with the recent takeover by Petra, who has doubled down in their efforts. The side effects of this are seen all throughout the Shrouded District, prompting law enforcement in doubling down on their efforts against them.  
Family Head

Petra: Notorious for being a wild card, Petra is the one person you can count on to be the most unaccountable. Despite this flaw, or perhaps because of it, she is one of the most efficient and terrifying family heads around.

Every crime family has their specialties, but typically they branch out into other areas as well to maximize their profit and influence. The same cannot be said for the Sursă. They have invested everything into their hold on narcotics, and while many will try and make either cheap knockoffs or lower quality goods, their iron grip has maintained throughout the decades. Some consider this idiotic, some consider this bold. No one can argue, however, that it has not worked for them.      
Family Standings

Friendly: Danesti
Negative: Brillare: Due to not paying the bribe money of the Brillare and circumventing her smuggling operations with her own, the two families and their heads have been on bad terms for a very long time now.
Ozen: While the Ozen have no real issue with them, the Sursă do not tolerate the Ozen due to Petra's own misgivings of them.
"Only through unity may we find peace, only in control do we find Unity."
Petra - Family Head
Darius - Scientist
Bozzy - Dealer
Elena - Accountant
Dol - Mule
Charon - Enforcer

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