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At first glance Dol is a off-putting woman. Looking more monstrous or creature like then human, it is easy to see why someone might be put on edge by her appearance. Like many Tieflings she has the titular horns, claws, tail, and demon like feet; but she also possesses the face and fangs of a ravenous beast. Appearances aside, however, Dol is a sweet and genuine individual who runs Beasts Rose, a beauty supply shop that specializes in dresses and hats.
  Dol is a trusting an innocent girl who genuinely enjoys running her shop. She dances around more than she walks and is constantly humming a song. She is very easily distractable and is, seemingly, unaware and clueless of her friend, Petra's, ambitions.
  Her knowledge on sewing, hats, and dresses are bar none in the Central District. She is constantly busy due to the sheer volume of product that her and her workers deal with on a day to day basis, but she is easily the happiest woman in the city.
Defining Value
"Life is too short to sweat the smaller details honey, enjoy yourself while you can. Treat yourself right."

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