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Everyone has a motive that you can figure out by digging deep enough. Power, money, greed. Petra is impossible to figure out however. She is a wildcard of a woman. You know that she wants something more, but it is impossible to figure out what exactly. The only thing you can know for certain though: She will watch the world burn around her to get what she desires.      

Narcotics Empire

Each of the crime families has a major money winning racket. The Danesti have their gambling, the Brillare have their smuggling, and the Sursă have the most notorious of the rackets in Vallaki; narcotics. Petra's empire spans across all of Barovia, infesting every nook and cranny, every street and house; commoners and nobles alike flock to her products. And for good reason, they are the highest grade and quality. No one outside the family knows how they make their drugs, or even where they are cultivated, but all know not to cross Petra; unless you got a death wish.   This large empire of narcotics is broken down into three jobs. In undisclosed and remote locations, the first set of Petra's people are constantly researching, developing, and creating both the narcotics she is famous for, along with constantly attempting to create newer narcotics; which typically gives a yield of one per every five to ten years. The second job for henchmen under Petra's empire are her smugglers. Due to the illicit, and highly illegal, nature of her products, smuggling is a necessity in her line of business. Due to this a large amount of her workers in the city turn out to be smugglers. Some willing, some unwilling; Petra has had decades of experience with smuggling her products in. The last job in her empire are her sellers, the people who get her narcotics into the hands of clients. This takes the form of people who work in her establishments and people who act as mules for clients, transporting her goods to the wealthy elite who buy in private.      


Dreamers Den
Located within the black markets of the Shrouded District, the Dreamer's Den is a den notorious for it ties to the narcotics trade. This establishment stands as a place for people to come and dream away the worries life gives them, for a fee of course.    
Dusklight Supply
The Dusklight supply is a simple, run of the mill beauty supply shop located within the Central District that acts a front for Petra's narcotic empire. A seemingly innocent shop and owner, those on the inside know this to be one of their biggest mule spots for getting their products out.
Defining Value
"The world, the universe, it all screams in harmony. Come, scream with it."

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