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Dreamer's Den

A notorious narcotic den within the Black Market, the Dreamer's Den is the main hub for the Sursă family to distribute their illegal goods. Here people go to forget about the worries of their struggling lives, sometimes for days or weeks at a time. It is not uncommon to see people here for multiple days in a row, some leaving and coming back, while others just stay. The Den itself is fashioned after a hookah lounge, several open rooms with curtains hanging everywhere, complete with a myriad of beanbag chairs to lounge in. Strangely enough, despite the illegal nature of this location, it is considered one of the more safer places to deal with narcotics, albeit more expensive then other places. Not only is the product guarantied to be what your being sold, but the protection you have while inside makes it so you do not need to worry about being stolen from or attacked while a patron of their den.    

All products sold by the Sursă are available at the Dreamer's Den, however their most popular product continues to be the "Green Dragon," which is where the den gets its name from.
  Devils Horns: A fine red powered consumed either orally or nasally, depending on the user. This product is another one of their more expensive narcotics that is popular among thieves, bards, and certain aristocratic individuals. The high of this narcotic does not last long, but while under its influence the world itself slows down for the user, allowing them to act much quicker and with great haste.
  Green Dragon: The most popular drug sold by the family and the reason behind the Den's namesake. Green Dragon is sold in glass vials, sealed with wax and stamped with Petra's  symbol. While sealed, the drug is a green liquid that shifts between dark and light shades. When exposed to air, the liquid becomes a green gas that users breathe in to get high. The high of this narcotic is described as euphoric and dream-like. Many bright colors, talking animals, moving lights. There is an overall feeling of happiness and joy associated with this drug, explaining why it is so popular among the poor.
  Faerie Dust: This translucentpouches, most often carried around the waists of seasoned bodyguards and thieves. Users of this substance claim to have feelings of invincibility, they are able to push their bodies beyond their normal limits, and have no fear while on this substance.
  Wizard's Helper: Wizard's Little Helper is a bright yellow pill often sold in gold bottles. Wizard's Helper helps keep you energized through the day without needing to make checks for exhaustion, and are rumored to help spellcasters regain the ability to cast spells each time they take a pill.

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