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Bozzy "Boz" Hawthorne is a firbolg artist who advocated for peace and tolerance, not only among the humanoid races, but even among the beasts of School of Thought. He is an idealist that firmly believes that putting an end to violence and understanding one another is the true path for the world to ascend and become one. He believes that Petra's vision is the way to world peace.
  Bozzy spends most of his day wandering throughout the city of Vallaki, crafting his, extremely popular, psychedelic art pieces. He often uses abandoned buildings as his canvas and creates small prints he hands out on a street corner in both the Central District and the Shrouded District.
  Bozzy believes the "Green Dream" drug that Petra  creates is the key to achieving peace, and he incorporates his stances as a peace advocate into each piece of art; putting layers of hidden meaning into each one. This lifestyle also allows him to be a dealer and event organizer for Petra and the , and is considered the best in the business when it comes to both. It was through his ingenuity that allowed the Dreamer's Den  to become what it is today. It started as just a small group of artists and musicians, but the idea has quickly spread all over the city, and now the knowledge of a shared dream is common even among the nobles.
Defining Value
"The world can be crazy man. Messed up, hateful, terrifying even. But it doesn't need to be that way man. We can share a dream together man, we can find peace. For everyone."

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