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Danesti (Da-nes-tea)

"The house always wins"

Everyone wants to have a good time, and when you are with Nickolai, that is sure to happen. You just might regret the choices you made in the morning. One of the oldest and most powerful of the families, the Danesti family got its start well before the age of Strahd, being around in the previous kingdom for generations. The Danesti family is infamous for their casinos, gambling, and their loan shark businesses. Due to the nature of their business they are considered one of the deadliest families in the syndicate. Between their ruthless preying upon the desperate, their vile cunning in both the loans and the "business protection" department, and their deadly cunning in the casinos; the Danesti family is not one you want to cross. While they have smaller dens on the surface, their main base of operations is in The Edge.    
Family Head

Nickolai Danesti. A fast and smooth talker with a ruthless disposition towards outsiders and a keen insight that is scary to come across.    

What better way to unwind after a strenuous day on the job then to gamble away your life? Whether your rich nobility looking for a change in scenery or a poor worker willing to risk the few gold pieces you earned for the day, you always have a place in a Danesti gambling den; as long as you have the coin to gamble. Despite the rough and tumble image the Danesti give off, and the tough games and people in the casino, while you are in their casinos you are given the royalty treatment- for as long as you have the gold to spend.   Here people spend the day gambling away whatever wealth they have accumulated. Whether it be your last few coins or a drop in the bucket for your wealth, the casino is designed to continuously get you to spend more and more money in bigger and bigger bets.   The largest and most luxurious establishment is the Fortunes Favor. While he personally has a hand in all his gambling dens, the Fortune's Favor is his home turf.  
Life got you down? You got debt to pay? Families to feed? Just need that little bit of extra dough to gamble? Whatever the case is, the Danesti have you covered. The Danesti run a lucrative loan sharking business that usually targets the poor and those with exploitable addictions- especially those concocted by their ally. Nickolai's crew seems always willing to lend out money to those in need, and somehow always has enough money to keep these loans going. The loans, however, are incredibly dangerous. The interest rates would only be worth risking for the most desperate. The interest rates start from one hundred and fifty percent to more nefarious collaterals..      
Business Protection
Business protection goes hand and hand with the Loans. Nickolai's associates like to create problems for businesses in Vallaki. Missing shipments, lost deposits, things of that nature. Shop owners desperate to "just make it to the end of the month" tend to be prime targets for the crew, but they are not the only ones. Those looking for a little distraction, or even a little luck, end up at the gambling dens. Of course, you can always avoid all of this, by paying for a monthly protection fee.  

Good: Brillare, Sursă
Neutral: Ozen
Negative: Draculesti
"You don't lie to family."

Nickolai - Head
Charm - Concierge
Tiny - Loan Collector
Horns - Protection opportunist
Timmy Boy - Contract Specialist
Illicit, Syndicate

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