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It is no secret that the Brillare are the newest kids on the block when it comes to the crime families, and while it is tempting to think that they are harmless, one must remember: cats have claws. Starting from the ambitions of their leader, Glimmer, she saw an opportunity to make cash and satisfy her obsession in magical items. Using the wealth she had accumulated over the years working with Madame Genevieve Leclair, she started her operation to get around the prohibition of magical contraband. She opened Glimmers Boutique. Here, she attracts hunters, other nobles, and even adventurers to auction off their rare finds; like antiques and art pieces, before reselling them with magical items hidden within them.
  At first she had nothing more then a small personal crew of friends and acquaintances that she had made over the years of performing. Due to her unique business idea, vast wealth, and her family ties with the merchants guild, her boutique quickly caught on with the nobles and she was able to produce quick results. Catching his attention and sensing an opportunity for business, Rajiv would invite her to The Bloated Bounty. He would propose a business arrangement with her, introducing her to the criminal underworld of Vallaki and becoming close business partners; netting Glimmer ties to both the merchants and the thieves guild.
  Since then her business has boomed exponentially. She has quite the long list of clients and buyers, getting to the point in which there might not be a noble or powerful person left in the city that doesn't have some connection to Glimmer. She has even made a business alliance with the Danesti, albeit it is tenuous and fresh.   Nowadays everyone who is anyone knows who the Brillare are. Businesses who wish to have their merchandise left untouched are expected to pay monthly "dues" for their protection. And those who opt-out or fail to live up to expectations are severely punished. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to start a small business in the city.    


Auction House
A collector of fine arts? A collector of the past? Looking for rare relics and valuable finds? Need a place to sell those dusty old tomes and gems from your latest outing? Well look no further then Glimmers Boutique. Their auction house has the answers for all those questions, and much much more. Just come on down to the Ruby district and speak with their appraiser, she'll get you everything you'll need.  
Business Protection
It's incredible difficult running businesses in this city. There are so many dangers. You have the local thugs, you have all the taxes from the merchants, all those thieves that'll break into your shipments. You need a little protection. The Brillare have you covered, for a fee of course. They guarantee that if you pay this fee you'll never have to worry about your shipments getting lost or stolen.  
Wanna buy something a little more, special? Something you don't want to be seen? You need something transported without anyone knowing? The Brillare have you covered, for a fee of course.
"Shine brightly, shine beautifully. Never let anyone hold you back"

Glimmer - Family head
Etta - Chief Appraiser
Arabelle - Fencer
Caspar - Researcher
Shade - Assassin

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