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Madame Genevieve Leclair

Not all who dwell within the Ruby District are of noble birth, however. Madame Genevieve Leclair, a renowned courtesan with a reputation that precedes her, holds sway over the hearts and desires of the influential elite. Her opulent establishment, the House of Sanguine Roses, is a haven where the boundaries of pleasure and pain blur, and secrets are spilled in the heat of passion. It is said that those who seek her services may find more than mere physical gratification—they may uncover hidden truths and receive whispered warnings from the depths of her velvet-draped chambers. She is a flirtatious and seductive individual who uses every opportunity she gets to further her standing in the world. She is the owner of both esteemed locations, The Ebon Embrace and the Red Widow Theater, and is known to be a enabler of the hedonistic side of Vallaki.    When not making public appearances, she is often lounging away in her own private gardens, and has been known to invite people of power, or interest, into her own personal home on occasion.
Defining Value
"Everyone desires companionship, no one wants to be alone"

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