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The Ebon Embrace

The Ebon Embrace is a reputable tavern, known for its entertainment and companionship. Owned by the luxurious Madame Genevieve Leclair The Ebon Embrace is the cornerstone and lynchpin of Genevieve success. It is said that every desire and indulgence known, and unknown, to humanoid kind can be found here in the lap of luxury, for the right price of course. Getting in can be difficult, due to how well guarded and how expensive it is, but every aristocrat can tell you the price is most certainly worth it. Everyone who works in the Embrace are taken care of and have some of the highest paying jobs in the city, practically luxury. It is said that the lady treats all her employees like her own children and is fiercely protective of them.
  After years of service, she has poured all her money into making this business. The tavern itself is decorated like any of the other manors and chateaus within the district, and is the largest of the taverns in the city. Not a single expense was sparred when hand crafting the venue. The building itself is made from the finest materials, it is a large circular building with a vaulted, dome ceiling, all held aloft by rows of marble pillars. Marble statues litter both inside and outside the building, depicting all manner of subjects and creatures. Gold filigree lines everything, while beautiful murals and frescos plaster the main halls and ceiling. A wide variety of open spaces and rooms are available for both performers and patrons.
    Surrounding the marvelous building is a equally splendid garden teeming with natural life. Beautiful trees, bushes, flowers, and grass are all cultivated to bring a sense of peace and wonderment. There is a variety of open spaces and closed off sections for privacy. Beast repelling incense hangs from every tree, while guards patrol both the outskirts and inside at all times.

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