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The Bloated Bounty

A large, inconspicuous, ragged and rundown building found off the beaten path. At one time it could of been mistaken for a nobles mansion, with its multiple stories and enclosed courtyard, but those days have seemingly passed. The previous owner of the Bloated Bounty was a private person as attested by the building's high walls, false window decorations, and the hostile architecture compared to the rest of the buildings around it. Plastered on its timeworn stones is countless graffiti from over the years. Approaching the tavern you would find narrow double-doors that are, seemingly, shut and barred at all times, adorned wit two different sized knockers. Rats seem to follow you everywhere you go in and around the building.   The dull exterior and thick walls completely hide the corruption and wickedness within. The Bloated Bounty is the epitome of shady back alley taverns, and serves as the perfect place for a mix of skullduggery and criminal planning. Owned by the infamous crime lord, Rajiv the Ragged, the Bloated Bounty offers a safe place for those who operate outside the law. The Bloated Bounty is here for the greedy, the power hungry, and the desperate. Patrons of the tavern include powerful criminals, shady individuals, and corrupt nobles looking to hire the shady employment. All of this makes for a dangerous scene.  

Getting in

Unless you are invited here by someone who works here or by someone who has had business here, getting inside The Bloated Bounty is easier said then done. Unless you can name-drop someone you know on the inside, you will be expected to pay. The guards who guard the doors from the inside are often quite greedy, and newcomers will be taken advantage of by them.  


Once inside the building proper you are greeted by a cozy and intimate dining hall. The walls are smooth stone with deep cracks, the furniture is all made from dark, reddish-black wood, and a sparse few iron lanterns hang from the walls, filling the room with flickering firelight and shadows. The main hall is roughly square shape and the seating area opens up into a courtyard in the center of the building with a crudely built, wooden stage; where mellow and melancholy music is often performed. Several lanterns hang from chains spanning the entire courtyard. Servers frantically move from table to table, ensuring all of the guests are treated with unrivaled speed and politeness. North of the bar there is a sectioned-off area with a long table and multiple chairs that is set aside for larger parties. The walls here have peeling murals of dancing figures in a garden.   West of the courtyard is a large, open room, with several gaming tables. The chipped murals in this room depict a rainforest, though the faded colors and peeling paint give it a bit of an ominous edge. Here several patrons, workers, and even Rajiv the Ragged can be found playing games of chance to pass the time.   The staircase leads to an open balcony encircling the courtyard; the southern and eastern edges sloping gently on their roofs and offering shade to parts of the path. The chains hanging in the courtyard hang down from here, hanging roughly 15 feet off the ground. There are a few rooms on this floor that serve as sleeping quarters for the owners.    

Rules of The Bloated Bounty

The rules of the Bloated Bounty are few, but those who do not follow them are quickly dealt with. The irony of lawless brigands following rules is not lost on the staff.  
  1. "Obey the staff"
  2. "Ignore the rats"
  3. "Nothing is free here, pay your tabs"
  4. "Eavesdropping is strictly forbidden"
  5. "Violators shall be dealt with swiftly"
  The biggest rule here is that of its privacy. The Bloated Bounty prides itself on two things: Its privacy, and its networking. The patrons of this establishment pay good money for their privacy and the staff are keen, and eager, to enforce it. Patrons and outsiders caught intruding on the privacy of the patrons within their walls will soon find themselves either kicked out or with a knife sliding across their throat.  


Within Vallaki exists several crime syndicates led by various crime lords, and while the most successful syndicates must be able to dip their toes into all manner of businesses, each syndicate typically will specialize in one trade or business in order to maximize its profits. While the Bloated Bounty also participates in other, illicit, activities; they specializes themselves in contracts, both as purveyors and enforcers. Those who come to the Bloated Bounty come seeking a solution to their problems that only they can provide. They take on nearly all jobs give to them, as long as the price is right. Due to their networking the range of jobs they can take on is astounding. From the mundane, such as guarding and buying of goods, to the more illicit and morally questionable, such as espionage, murder, and assassinations; they seemingly have the right person for any job.   This is due to the fact that, while they have their trusted core members, they often act as a sort of union for other criminals. By paying a smell fee they are able to be apart of the extended family, giving them access to their tavern and the patrons looking to hire. A win-win all around. This also for criminals to hone their craft and for the unfortunate to make a quick buck as jobs seemingly are endless here.    


Calina Head Chef
Chanda Quick tempered and loyal guard of Rajiv
Demir Gunslinging guard of Rajiv
Greshka Half-orc singer
Ozemnos The Overseer
Rajiv the Ragged Infamous crime lord and handsome scoundrel
Squawks The Raven
The Guards Paid guards of the tavern
Vali Gossiping half-elf Bartender
Zamina Bubbly tiefling hostess with subtle horns
Thieves' Cant. Most of the graffito is a symbol in Thieves' Cant that means "safehouse".
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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