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Rajiv the Ragged

The owner of The Bloated Bounty is Rajiv the Ragged, a notorious human crime lord. Rajiv’s reputation comes from his famously disheveled appearance. He wears fine but ill-fitting clothes covered in signs of wear. His dark, curly hair reaches his shoulders in a messy mop. He has a nice face hidden behind a thin, scraggly beard. Rajiv delights in his unassuming appearance, particularly the revulsion it inspires in nobles. He’s not really that filthy, either, he’s just a slob.   His unexpectedly disarming personality is as striking as his garb. Rajiv is a smiling, wise-cracking scoundrel who doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. People are never sure when he’s serious and when he’s joking. He’ll slip a veiled threat in between anecdotes, then laugh it off as if he’d told a joke.   Rajiv was born an urchin and clawed his way into criminal organizations through pickpocketing and banditry. After climbing into a leadership role, Rajiv found a talent for networking. His own organization is pitifully small, hardly extending beyond the Bloated Bounty. Through the tavern, however, he has a far-reaching network of contacts and alliances. Rajiv mainly serves as a fixer—connecting assassins, mercenaries, and thugs to potential employers. Although he’ll take any job that pays well, he has a particular animus for nobles, and will often prioritize opportunities to humiliate or swindle them. At the same time, Rajiv’s weakness is his employees, who he sees much of himself in, and goes out of his way to protect.
Defining Value
"Never let anyone know what you are thinking"
Current Status
Relaxing in The Bloated Bounty
He/Him/ They/Them
Masculine presenting Gender Neutral
Curly Brown Hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark skin

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