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One of the most famous crime families within Vallaki, their services are used by nearly everyone, both in and outside the seedy underbelly. Everyone knows anger, and everyone always wants something. Sometimes its wanting someone dead, sometimes its wanting something stolen, and sometimes still, its wanting protection. Whether your a poor shopkeeper looking for protection, an elite noble looking to kill a rival at their big gala, or even another crime family looking for some extra help; the Ozen can help.      
Family Head

Unlike other families, the Ozen have two family heads. There is Rajiv the Ragged, who handles day to day operations, and there is Ozemnos, who runs the logistics and behind the scenes operations. Both are cofounders of the family and The Bloated Bounty, which acts as their headquarters.      

Numbers are not the strength of Ozen. They are officially the smallest of the crime syndicates, having the least amount of members. Their true strength lies in their ability to network. The Bloated Bounty was constructed as a safe place for thieves, assassins, rogues, and other shady businessmen to lay low. Due to the charismatic nature of the family heads, they began connecting these shady individuals with potential clients. This idea caught on incredibly quickly and the family transformed into a sort of union, a place for clients to shop around and find the perfect candidate for whatever illicit or shady thing they need done.    
Despite having a limited number of members, the few members they do have excels at assassinations. It is rare that they leave the grounds of the Bloated Bounty, but when they do you know something big is about to happen.    

The Bloated Bounty

Neutral: DanestiSursă
Negative: Draculesti
"You need something done? The Ozen will take care of it...for the right price"

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