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Darius Crowley is a notorious man in many circles. The Blood Church, the College of Truth, the Hunters, and many more fear his name. Darius was once a scholar within the Blood Church, he was once a religious zealot who had great potential and dealings with his experimentation with the holy medium of the church, the Blood. He studied under the greatest of minds of The Choir, the highest echelon within the church. He took a particular interest with one of the most controversial figures within the organization, and studied their research religiously. 
  Something changed with him and he soon departed from the church under mysterious circumstances. What had happened and the reasoning behind his sudden departure from the church is shrouded in the shadows of mystery, but rumors of experiments and investigations swill around him.
  Since his departure he has come to work under Petra. Using his alchemical expertise and knowledge of all things surrounding the human body, he has been a great asset to Petra's narcotics empire. Not much is known about the man himself, but the rumors make it clear that he has no sense of morality or remorse for his actions, and paint him as a man of the sciences.
Defining Value
"Knowledge above all else."

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